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My 'Places I've been' board on Pinterest

Have you given Pinterest a go yet? If not, you ought to. It’s really quite addictive. I was chuffed to be asked by Pinterest to participate in their Pin It Forward campaign so, today, I’m extolling its virtues and showing off one of my boards.

For those yet to try it out, Pinterest is a social bookmarking site. It enables users to post images and videos – known as pins – into online galleries known as boards. Basically, you can create a load of virtual pinboards to share your interests with others.

I think it’s fair to say that Pinterest is a female-dominated platform, but I’m happy to risk the wrath of the blokes’ union by admitting that I love it. There are so many ways in which you can use boards and pins and it’s very easy to spend hours browsing them.

While I was thinking about what to write for this post, it struck me that the majority of my boards are things that I used to do before becoming a dad. Things I no longer have much time to do, but clearly, have an unconscious desire to partake in once more.

An online museum of the leisure time I used to have if you will. Well apart from the zombies board. I created that one because, in my permanently sleep-deprived state, I relate to the groaning, slow-moving fiends.

Pin of the pyramid at The Louvre in Paris
This pin is a rare one – I actually took this picture myself. Oh yeah…

The board I’ve chosen to share is ‘Places I’ve been’. Mainly because I thought that more people would be interested in it than video games and football, but also because there are some great photos of some amazing places in there.

I haven’t been to nearly as many destinations I would like, but it reminds me of plenty of wonderful places and experiences and serves as motivation to revisit some of them with the family once Dylan and Xander are a bit older.

There should be an embedded version of the board here but, because WordPress is being obstinate and refusing,¬†you can sign up to Pinterest – and take a look at my board, if you’re so inclined.

So that’s my small contribution to the world of Pinterest. Tomorrow you can see how it’s done properly. It’s my pleasure to introduce the official BritMums Pinterest presence. Over to you, gang, see you at BritMums Live!


  1. Lauren Michaels

    Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward, Tom! It’s great to hear that you have discovered inspiring travel destinations on Pinterest from places you have been to spots you want to visit! The architecture in Rouen, France looks amazing! Lauren, Community Coordinator

    1. Post

      Thanks Lauren! It was great to be a part of Pin It Forward. Yes, Rouen is amazing. I’ve been there several times and have yet to get bored of the place!

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