Rather a lot of DVDs...

One of the first things people comment on when they walk into our front room is the large number of DVDs we have prominently on display. This has happened a lot of late as we’re trying to move house and I’ve had to show some potential buyers round a few times.

The observation is fair enough. They’re the first thing you see when you walk through the door. Sandwiched between the fireplace and another wall are, I would estimate, about 350-400 of the things. It’s a veritable discworld.

I dread to think how many hours’ worth of films, TV shows and kids’ cartoons there are, but I imagine there would be enough for at least a month or two of constant viewing. Not even taking the extras into account.

However, the old adage about kids often preferring to play with the box very much applies here. Xander sees the gargantuan storage unit we keep them in as the true source of entertainment. Forget Pingu and Peppa Pig. He has loftier ambitions…

Once he has tired of grabbing those boxes that are unfortunate enough to be on lower shelves – the lower half of the alphabetised films and all of the TV series, in case you wanted to know – and throwing them about a bit, he tries to use the empty shelves of the unit as a climbing frame.

Turn your back for a few seconds and he’s well beyond Spider-man and heading past King Kong with his eyes on the prize. The Holy Grail – not Monty Python’s one, you understand, he’s higher than that by this point – it would seem is the swear box we keep on top of it.

If I use language worthy of an 18-certificate film – well, let’s be honest, anything over a 12 certificate these days – he and Dylan get compensated for anything they learn. He seems to want his share now.

So what can I do? This unit is becoming the cause of much angst. I’m talking about the item of furniture rather than our sturdy little man there – so something has to be done.

We can’t be doing with the carnage or me turning the air blue in response to our¬†discworld coming crashing down. It looks like¬†selling DVDs may be the only option…


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      Sorry Alex – it was the only headline with ‘disc’ in it that I could think of at the time!

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