We are the angry mob

An angry monkey.

If there’s one song that’s stuck in my head at the moment, it’s The Angry Mob by Kaiser Chiefs. Here’s why…

Now that he’s mobile and getting into everything, Xander is learning what the word ‘no’ means. As a result, we’ve learned something too. He does seem to revel in a good whinge. I’m a little surprised at this as he’s such a chilled-out little lad for the most part.

Of course he’s going to get upset and make his feelings known at times – that’s inevitable, him being a young child and all – but he really goes for it in a way I didn’t expect. He’s so used to getting knocked over by Dylan that he shrugs a lot of things off without a second thought. So I assumed he would be accepting of requests to cease his random acts of destruction. Silly, naive Tom!

They’re not fully fledged tantrums… yet, but I don’t think they’re far away. It starts with what my inlaws brilliantly refer to as an ‘old-fashioned look’. His eyes meet mine across the room after I have told him to stop headbutting the television. Unless David Cameron is on the news at the time, of course.

He stares at me with a look of utter disgust on his face. He then toddles over, looks up and changes his expression to that of Claire Danes whenever she cries in Homeland. Then follows the inevitable Hulk smash – though the Incredible Sulk would be a more apt name. Minutes later, of course, he’ll be all sweetness and light. Little monster!

Dylan, of course, has been capable of being an angry young man for ages. As he’s a mini me, there are lots of little things that annoy him and he can be relied upon to yell at all kinds of minor irritations. The other day, for example, we were walking down to the shops and, somewhere nearby, a dog barked.

“No, dog! Not woof, woof, woof!” he bellowed. It was so hard not to laugh, especially as there are variations of this. He has also been known to admonish birds, the wind – like a mini King Lear – and even me for trying to calm him down by humming a tune I wheel out for such situations.

It has to be said that he can hold a note beautifully – even in moments of rage. And yes, “No Daddy! Not hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm-hmmm” is my personal favourite.

Speaking of music, maybe that’s where the answer lies? Perhaps I should soothe my little angry mob by playing them something else from our music collection. Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters probably wouldn’t do the trick. So I’ll go for something tame, calming and thoroughly underwhelming. Like the latest Keane album…


    1. Post

      Yes, it’s so hard not to laugh at some of the things that annoy them! It’s also hard reasoning with them when they’re narked. Did I say ‘hard’? I meant ‘impossible’!

  1. Sarah Miles

    Oh, Tom, this did make me laugh! Clare Danes face and King Lear in particular!

    My 3 year old does very similar to Dylan and if we laugh at something funny she does, the frown comes on, the arms cross and she shouts ‘No laugh! NO LAUGH!’

    Heaven forbid….

    1. Post

      Thanks Sarah, glad it amused you! This is why we blog I reckon – it gives us somewhere to laugh at our kids’ foibles without fear of a meltdown!

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