Review: Tomy TF550 Digital Audio Baby Monitor

A Tomy baby monitor.

Disclosure: I received a Tomy TF550 Digital Audio Baby Monitor to review and keep. This post also includes an affiliate link. 

The strange phenomenon of psychic PR people continues unabated; soon after Dylan studiously acquainted our previous baby monitor with a pint of summer fruits squash, rendering it on the blink and unreliable.

Without me having mentioned the fact to anyone, Tomy got in touch to ask whether I would be interested in receiving one of their new ones to test and review. I am, indeed, one very jammy blogger at the moment!

Soon after a friendly exchange of emails, the TF550 Digital Audio Baby Monitor arrived and has been nothing short of brilliant ever since. Neither Dylan nor Xander are great sleepers. If one of them begins to stir in the night, it’s imperative that we get to them before they get into full throttle and wake the other.

It’s therefore essential that we have a decent bit of listening equipment at our disposal and this one definitely fits the bill.

The parent unit of the Tomy TF550 Digital Audio Baby Monitor.

It’s intuitive, looks good and has a range of features that ought to give parents peace of mind. All of the things that you would expect from a bit of kit like this are there. There’s a clock, a nightlight, and a temperature gauge.

Plus the ability to talk to your children through the parent unit and lights around the perimeter of the display to indicate volume. Another feature that makes this monitor so accessible is a vibrate feature for those with hearing difficulties or noisy rooms.

The thing that has impressed me most about this model is the distinct lack of white noise we had become used to with the old monitor – which was a top-of-the-range offering when we bought it a couple of years ago.

With the previous one, it could sometimes be tricky to differentiate between a snuffle and a car passing outside. Not so with the Tomy TF550. The sound quality is excellent and seems to pick up even the quietest of noises without interference.

The baby unit of the Tomy TF550 Digital Audio Baby Monitor.

As things panned out, we were able to put the monitor to an acid test shortly after it arrived. A few days ago, Xander suffered a bit of a bump to the head and spent six hours in hospital to make sure he was okay.

Thankfully, he was fine and suffered no ill effects, but one of the things we were told to keep an eye on upon our return home was his condition during the night.

The audio is so sensitive that we could hear him happily snoring away. Of course, we went to check him regularly anyway, but the monitor proved most reassuring.

All in all, I’m very impressed and hope that Tomy doesn’t mind if I keep it!


  1. Richard

    Hi, I was wondering whether you could confirm whether they have improved the charging base on the new model. We bought a TD350 but sent it back as the parent unit would easily rock back on the charging base and fail to charge. We like the idea of the Tomy models as they have a god range, but we simply weren’t prepared to take the risk of the unit discharging due to a poor design.

    1. Post

      Hi Richard. I can’t compare to previous models as this is the first TOMY one I’ve used, but both the baby and parent units have ports rather than charging bases so they can be plugged straight into the wall. Hope this helps!

      1. Richard

        Great, it seems they may have changed the design in response to criticism. I’ll certainly give them a good look next time I’m in Mothercare.

        Thanks for the update.

  2. Lucy


    I was wondering if you knew how to turn off the green light on the baby unit? My son needs complete darkness to sleep and this green light is so bright! I’ve looked at the instructions but can’t seem to find anything.



    1. Post

      Hi Lucy. Do you mean the small one on top or the one around the edge of the baby unit? If it’s the one on top, I don’t think it’s possible to switch off as it also acts as an indicator of whether the room is at a safe temperature – I think it goes red if it’s too warm. The light around the edge can – I think – be switched off via the parent unit. Hope this helps!

  3. Mark


    I’m currently looking for a baby monitor for the arrival of our first born and the TF550 is looking like a winner.
    I just wondered if you are still using it and if so how do you rate it after 6 months of use?



    1. Post

      Hi Mark,

      Congratulations! Yes, we’re still using it and it’s continued to be a good model so we’re happy with it. Everything I’ve said in the review still applies, so I guess we can add the fact that it’s durable to the list now.

      Hope this helps!

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