Review: Chuckle Monster personalised greeting cards

Two personalised cards by Chuckle Monster.

Mother’s Day will be upon us seven days from now and, if you’re like me, cards may still be very much on your to-do list. I’m often guilty of leaving such things to the last minute.

Mainly due to the often thankless task that is trying to find something not too nauseating and having strangers outrageously invade my personal space.

I like to give funny cards for the most part and, sadly, there don’t seem to be as many around as there once were in the shops. This usually results in me standing there for way longer than is good for my posture, a pained expression etched on my face as I wonder whether I can really get away with giving my Grandma a card that includes references to heavy drinking and bodily functions.

What I needed was a service with a broader choice and where I wouldn’t have to jostle for position in front of the relevant products.

What a good thing then, that the friendly folk at Chuckle Monster got in touch to see if I’d be interested in reviewing their service.

They gave me a voucher code for three cards so I could put the website through its paces and, fortuitously, sort out cards for Kate, my Mum and Kate’s Mum in the process. Result!

I didn’t actually get round to ordering my cards until lunchtime of the day I was given the code, but they arrived the next morning. Very impressive in this day and age.

The website is very user-friendly and goes beyond idiot proof – I’d go as far as saying it’s Tom proof, in fact – and you can select and personalise cards quickly and with ease.

There are plenty of designs to choose from and you can upload your own images too. Another handy feature is that, in common with a growing number of websites, you can sign in with your social media accounts.

As you can see in the picture, I chose a simple photo upload for Kate and used one of our favourite pictures of Dylan and Xander having a rare quiet moment.

For my Mum, I went for one of the pre-designed Mother’s Day range that you can customise by adding text to the joke on the front. You can also add text to the inside of cards, so I couldn’t resist a lame attempt at humour in each of them.

You can have the cards sent direct to the recipient or, as I opted, to you so you can sign them by hand. A good all-round service that is infinitely preferable to the aforementioned option of braving the shops and sussing out how much money HH actually is.

I’m impressed and will definitely be ordering Chuckle Monster cards again. If you’ve still got to get a card for Mothering Sunday, why not give them a go?

Disclosure: I received these cards in exchange for a review.


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      Just to confirm that this isn’t the case – the friendly people at Chuckle Monster have got in touch with me to confirm that they are alive and kicking and remain open for business. 🙂

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