Month: March 2013

Review: Snugg Nexus 7 case

The Snugg Nexus 7 case.

There must be some psychic PR folk out there. I’ve been meaning to get a case for my Google Nexus for a little while without ever getting round to it. With great timing, an email arrived from The Snugg asking whether I’d like one to review. Brilliant! A few days later, the Snugg Nexus 7 Case arrived. It …

The only way is up

Xander the poser/stuntman

Xander has been happily toddling around for well over a month and has now mastered the art of deft changes in direction in a fashion that reminds me of Ricky Villa circa 1981. Minus the beard and hapless Manchester City defenders, of course. His sudden bursts of pace, dropping of the shoulder and toy slaloming skills …

Whatever happened to Miss Hubbard?

A young boy watching Postman Pat. And probably not wondering what happened to Miss Hubbard.

We all know about the thinly-veiled innuendo in cartoons like Captain Pugwash, but have you ever watched something with your kids and thought “Hang on a minute… that means something else too”? This isn’t a Mary Whitehouse-style, ‘isn’t it awful?’ kind of post, far from it. Also, I’m not taking a pop at any of the …