The ‘I’s have it…

A toy cat wearing a pair of glasses.

It’s been a while since I’ve been tagged in a meme so, knowing how these things seem to pan out, I imagine there’ll be two more following this one in quick succession.

Anyway, this one came from Ben at Mutterings of a Fool – he’s a top bloke and if you’re not already reading his blog, you should – and comes in the form of ten quick statements. Off we go then – The ‘I’s have it, it would appear…

I can…. pronounce the word floccinaucinihilipilification without stumbling over the letters.

I can’t…. walk anywhere wearing my new glasses without feeling very, very drunk.

I want…. to move to Old Town in Eastbourne. Preferably near The Lamb.

I wish…. I had more time to do everything.

I would like…. for Dylan to stop pushing Xander over at every opportunity.

I don’t want…. to be allergic to cats anymore. I actually like them and it’s not fair!

I wish I could…. play the guitar I’ve had for three years.

I hope…. my children don’t follow in my footsteps and get bullied at school.

I love…. sleep. And miss it too.

I am…. really looking forward to being a best man this year.


  1. Emma Day

    Haha awesome! Thanks for tagging me!

    I have NO idea what that word was! Have fun being best man! X

  2. Richy

    You’ve got some way to go to beat my unplayed guitar… 17 years and counting. I even restrung it once, and still never got anywhere! Maybe one day.

    Ta for the tag. Will respond tonight, if I stay awake long enough

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