Thanks a million, grandparents!

An infographic showing how much grandparents help with childcare.

It’s all too easy to moan about your parents and insist that you won’t take after them. For the record, I don’t; I definitely know which side my bread is buttered. Hi Mum and Dad! But, if this infographic is anything to go by, you could do a lot worse than to follow in their footsteps.

If you’re off out with your significant other on a much-needed Valentine’s Day date tonight and foisting the kids on your folks, you may be interested to know that they will be saving you and other parents up and down the land a combined £15.3 million in childcare costs, according to a recent survey by over 50s insurance specialists, RIAS.

Some one million grandparents will be giving up their evenings together to babysit tonight. That’s 10% of the grandmas and grandads in the UK. It’s heartening that this doesn’t seem to be at the cost of their own celebrations though. 42% said they would still be doing something special together to mark the occasion.

This all rings true with me. Kate and I have got very used to relying on my parents’ good nature and they look after Dylan and Xander regularly. I always feel bad when the boys are asleep for the duration of their stay though; it somehow seems a bit unfair, but they don’t seem to mind. Maybe they have a secret Wii or Xbox habit they can only enjoy in our house?

Looking at the results of the survey this infographic is based on, it’s nice to know that our little lads aren’t alone in having brilliant grandparents. The tough economic situation we’ve all been stuck in for ages isn’t good in any way, but the fact that families are pulling together to ensure that it’s not to the detriment of spending quality time with our loved ones can only be beneficial for everyone.

What do you think of the stats in the infographic and how much do you rely on your parents or in laws for childcare?

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. JallieDaddy

    Sadly we don;t have that option: our surviving parents live too far away! The twins love my my wife’s parents though & stay with them regularly, & they visit us here when they can.

  2. Mums make lists

    Great post – totally dependent on Granny power in our house. Really wouldn’t survive without it.

    I’ve just – today – started a new blog hop, The Friday Baby Shower, for all things new baby and would absolutely love for some great daddy bloggers to link up – new posts and great oldies very welcome. Alice @ Mums Make Lists xxx

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