Stuck for Mother’s Day ideas?

Mother’s Day is well on its way, leaving children – or, in many cases, their dads, to be more accurate – tearing out their hair over what to get as a thank-you-for-everything-you-do-for-me-I-love-you gift. In our household, at least, help was at hand, courtesy of the lovely people at Would I like to receive three would-be gifts for Kate that Dylan and Xander – with a bit of help from me, naturally – could choose from? Kind of like taking them shopping without having to negotiate the Arndale Centre. Erm, yes please!

The following day, the package arrived and, once Kate was out of the room for a bit – no doubt lovingly cooking something that Xander would snaffle up without a second thought and Dylan would turn up his nose at – we had a look at the goodies inside. Here are the items they sent for us to select from.

Cinderella chocolate stiletto

It’s not just Gareth Bale who has a sweet left foot – see what I did there, eh?! – mums up and down the land will be enjoying tucking into these on Mothering Sunday. Ably assisted by their offspring and spouses, no doubt. Dylan’s had his eye on this one since it arrived and hasn’t forgotten that it’s in the cupboard. Okay, okay… neither have I. For the record, the butler on the image is not included.

Mayan music heart

Here’s a necklace with a difference; it plays soothing music! Made with a centuries-old technique and by hand, no two are the same, so it’s very much personal to the recipient. Any movement will result in calming music being played by the two music balls inside. Xander was particularly intrigued by this one but, like the chocolate shoe, it is also being kept out of his grasp!

Personalised love you heart key-ring

A simple gift, but one that is sure to raise a smile every time it’s used. The heart can be engraved – I didn’t realise this, but it turned up with a message from Dylan and Xander anyway; a nice touch, I thought – and slides up to reveal another heart with space for a photo.

Between the three of us, we decided to go for the Mayan music heart necklace. We think Kate will like it and also that its relaxing qualities will be welcome – from my own experience, the boys can create a bit of stress now and then and that’s only during weekends, so it should be well received. Thanks, Team Treat Her, that’s Mother’s Day sorted here!


  1. Elizabeth Locke

    I quite fancy one of those hearts myself – I might just show my husband the link – merci

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