Stand up and be counted, dad bloggers!

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As regular readers of Diary of the Dad may recall, I had a bit of a rant last year about my feeling that dads were being overlooked by voters in the MAD Blog Awards. It inspired a lot of constructive conversation. It also raised some good points I hadn’t thought about. So, with the nomination process for the 2013 awards well underway, I thought I ought to write a follow-up piece.

I was more than a little disappointed that no dads made it into the final in their own right last time round. This was because I felt that the parent blogging community – where dads are more than welcome and play an active part in conversations – wasn’t as well represented as it could have been.

Secondly, their absence unintentionally added support to the baffling notion society still has that fathers aren’t as important as mothers. Now as self-important as this may sound, those of us who blog are in a strong position to have our voices heard. The fact that charities in particular seek out bloggers to raise awareness of their campaigns is testament to this.

This means we have a fantastic opportunity to show people that dads are just as important as mums. We know we make great teams together, but there are endless advertising campaigns for products aimed at parents that either fail to mention men. Or that show them as hapless figures of fun. Affectionately portrayed, maybe, but bumbling fools nonetheless.

It’s up to us to represent fellow caring, hands-on dads. We need to show people that it’s not just mums who are awesome parents. One of the salient points made by a lot of people who commented last year was that us dads are perhaps a little backward in coming forward. Maybe that’s why we have gone unnoticed. We weren’t being discriminated against at all, we just needed to up our game with regards networking.

With all this in mind, I’m delighted to see that Keith from Reluctant Housedad has been appointed not just as one of the judges but also as a ‘dadvocate’, if you will, in encouraging dads to join in and gain recognition. I’m adding my voice to Keith’s and urging other dad bloggers to put themselves forward.

As of Monday, there were 161 of us registered on the Tots100 so come on, chaps. We know you’re out there. Stand up and be counted, be loud and proud and don’t be abashed about declaring that you’d love to be involved. I, for one, will be hitting the campaign trail!

For my part, I’ll be voting for members of both genders and I hope that others do too. Good luck to everyone taking part. The MADs are an excellent celebration of blogging and I’m going to enjoy every minute. Especially if some dads make it to the final!


  1. Tim Atkinson

    Jolly well said, sir! (Although I wonder, would you mind awfully if, in the words of Private Godfrey, I did the whole thing sitting down? It’s been a rather tiring week…)

  2. Dean

    Great post and now thinking about things, your right I do need to support dads and support the cause of dads in the mads. Especially considering my latest post and reference to gender stereotyping from the media that I am sick of in respect of dads.

    So I will go against my pledge I made a number of months ago and start the campaign trail with you

  3. Emma T

    I guess in terms of sheer numbers, mum blogs are easier to find and therefore vote for.

    I’ve only recently followed a few more dad blogs, mainly because it takes a while to get to them

    Oh, and I voted for one dad blog in my choices.

  4. JallieDaddy

    Great post, as ever. I think an outright #nominateadad type campaign could prove counterproductive – I’ve already seen a few mutterings on twitter – but I do think a call to arms such as this is in order. There a lot of great Dads & great Dad blogs out there & we should make our voice heard 🙂

  5. Tom Briggs

    Thanks everyone. Yes, dads are very much in the minority but we don’t need a dedicated campaign – we just need to be a little more bold in putting ourselves forward and networking. Hopefully that will result in a few of us making the final!

  6. Emma Day

    Brilliant post! I’ve nominated some dads and will be voting for dads in the finals too! 🙂

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