Appy days are here again

A tablet running an app that makes me very appy!

I got a new tablet from my parents for Christmas and it is, without doubt, my new favourite thing. I realise how materialistic that makes me sound, but it really is the epitome of awesomoeness and will make my life better. So there.

Of course, a tablet is nothing without the apps that make your life easier, so I decided to share three of my favourites here. I have a Google Nexus, but have chosen some that are available on both major platforms. If you haven’t got a tablet yet, Carphone Warehouse has some good deals at the moment – just saying! Anyway, here are the ones that make me appy!

Astrid Tasks & To-Do List

If you’re anything like me, you’re great at making detailed to-do lists… then promptly losing them. This handy free offering therefore comes highly recommended. Astrid allows you to create lists of chores in various categories – such as personal, work and shopping – as well as your own customised ones.

If you’re so inclined, you can also share them with others so, for example, if you’re in a reading group, you could use it to pass on the book list to other members. I also like the facility to dictate your tasks which is very handy when you’re holding a sleepy baby who should be in bed as I was when I wrote this!


Keeping up to date with the news as well as the latest from areas that I used to be a know-it-all about such as gaming and films is something I’ve become progressively worse at since becoming a parent so I found Flipboard to be a great solution.

You can select a handful of areas that interest you and also add your Facebook and Twitter feeds. It pulls them all together and delivers them in a slick magazine-style presentation that you can flip through at your leisure. All the news you want in one place. Brilliant!

Cut the Rope

Finally, here’s one that is perhaps a bit of an obvious choice but that has stopped tantrums in their tracks in our house which, I think, makes it worthy of inclusion. As brilliant as they are, there are some chores that tablets can’t do yet, so keeping the kids occupied while you’re doing them is sometimes a must.

For those who don’t know Cut the Rope, the object is to get a sweet to a kid-friendly little monster named Om Nom by doing as the title suggests. Dylan absolutely loves this game – even though he seems to take more delight from causing the sweet to miss Om Nom! Oh well, it keeps him amused.

So those are some of my favourite apps, but I have plenty of space to fill up so please tell me which ones make you appy – my inner geek wants to know!

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. John C

    On my Nexus 7 I’ve a lot of great development apps as I’ve replaced my laptop with this beauty. On a more general note, Evernote is a favourite, nd the Broken Sword games.

  2. Tom Briggs

    Thanks John, Evernote is installing as I type this reply. I needed an app that does what it promises, so that’s greatly appreciated!

  3. OneDad3Girls

    I quite like the look of the Google Nexus, that may be my next tablet instead of an iPad

  4. Tom Briggs

    I heartily recommend it! It’s a great choice and is a lot more affordable than most of the other options. Well worth considering. 🙂

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