Month: January 2013

Night of the livid dad

A selection of things that could be giving my son nightmares.

I wasn’t really livid as such, but if you’ve been reading this blog for a little while you’ll know I can’t resist sneaking zombie puns in when I can. The feeling is certainly a lot stronger than being slightly miffed, but stops well short of furious anger too. It’s a strange fusion of feelings really. Disappointment, …

Appy days are here again

A tablet running an app that makes me very appy!

I got a new tablet from my parents for Christmas and it is, without doubt, my new favourite thing. I realise how materialistic that makes me sound, but it really is the epitome of awesomoeness and will make my life better. So there. Of course, a tablet is nothing without the apps that make your …

The label guy

A meerkat toy with a chewed label.

“Once you label me, you negate me,” said the philosopher Kierkegaard once upon a time. Let’s skate over the fact that I only know them thanks to Wayne’s World. Although he was probably using these immortal words to articulate the profound folly of those who base what they say about others on relatively limited information and understanding, …