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A list of (bad) names for a dad blog.

This blog is two years old today. I’m not quite sure how that happened, but it definitely has. Yep, two years, 100 odd posts and thousands of words about my family, me and other guff of assorted note have found their way into my permanent digital footprint.

It wasn’t even going to be a blog to start with either. I actually started it as a means of seeing whether people liked my writing enough for me to have a go at writing a book. Because nobody has ever written a book about being a new dad before…

Anyway, I thought today would be a good opportunity to explain something that people often don’t get. Its name. I’m often asked: “Shouldn’t it be ‘Diary of a Dad’ rather than ‘Diary of the Dad’?” I can see their point – Diary of the Dad doesn’t make fantastic grammatical sense and I’m definitely not the only father in the world as its name suggests.

No, it’s all down to zombies, you see. I’m mildly obsessed with them. If it stumbles, groans, smells bad, attempts to bite things it really ought to leave alone and has an unhealthy penchant for hanging around shopping malls I’m all over it.

I identify with the lovable fiends and wanted to name my blog in their honour as I felt I had become one of them with the Dylan-induced tiredness – now Dylan-and-Xander-induced tiredness – that has come to characterise me.

Yes, I wanted to call it ‘Dawn of the Dad’. Unfortunately, at least three other blokes out there had all had the same idea. One had even done a brilliant parody of the iconic artwork from the legendary film in question. Damn them. I’ve still got a tattered notebook I brainstormed, sorry, ‘thought showered’ potential names in. Dorky or what?

After scribbling down some daft ideas, I came to the conclusion that it had to be in reference to the zombie master, George A Romero. Of the other Romero flicks that I could make a half-arsed pun on, the rather obscure and relatively forgotten Diary of the Dead was the only remaining viable option.

Curiously, it didn’t even find its way onto my scrawled list. But the rest, as they say, is rather yawn-worthy history. Still the word ‘Diary’ is excellent for SEO so yay me!

So there you go, a largely boring story about the name of my blog which has somehow survived for a couple of years. I’ve got grand plans for Diary of the Dad in its third year, so please do what any self-respecting zombie would and keep coming back.

Thanks for reading!



    Looking forward to Year 3 Tom.
    Was “9 Months Later” on that original list?

  2. Flogistix

    I’ve also watched “The Dawn of the Dead” it was a creepy movie. . .after I watched it I imagined if that happened on us…who will really survive..

    1. Post

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