It’s a rollover

Two young brothers rolling on the floor.

Oops, I haven’t updated this here blog in a fortnight. That’s because I’ve been finding my feet in my new job. While I’ve been doing that, Xander has been making the first movements that will ultimately see him doing likewise. Yep, we’ve got a roller!

Five months to the day that he thudded into the world snapping the umbilical cord in the process, he casually rolled onto his front. And, to prove it was no fluke, rolled back again a few moments later. He keeps doing it now and can cover quite a distance in a short time.

All the time with a “WTF?” look on his face. It’s lovely to watch, but it does mean that there is now plenty more of a target area for him to puke on. We also now have two mobile tripping hazards in the house – not to mention the carnage they cause.

Dylan has turned a corner too. It’s as if he’s finally accepted that Xander’s a keeper so he may as well demonstrate that he likes him. His favourite thing at the moment is to get down to floor level and pat his little brother on the head. He also seems to enjoy making him laugh. He does this by laughing in his face.

A simplistic approach, but the monkey-see-monkey-do principle seems to work. He can also be found comforting Xander when he’s crying. This is usually by giving him something just about safe enough for a five-month-old baby. This is, of course, cute but a hint of ‘old Dylan’ remains. He sometimes offers Xander a toy then runs off with it or, worse still, nicks his dummy. Little bugger!

In other news, I’ve rather masochistically decided that a new job, two demanding little lads and a blog I really ought to update more often aren’t enough to keep me on my toes. I’m going to have a crack at writing a zom-com. I’ve always wanted to make a film and now my idea is firmly lodged in my head.

I actually started writing a post-apocalyptic comedy once, but never finished it. I’m okay with that though – it wasn’t the end of the world… I digress. Knowing me, the same may happen this time – I barely have time to play my zombie-themed Xbox games as it is – but I’m hoping that by noting it down here for all to see, I’ll complete this one. We’ll see!

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