Wednesday Witter #4: a good week

A little boy behind a door, giving the impression of being really tall.

I’ve got some big news to witter on about this week. I’ve only gone and got myself a new job! In just under three weeks’ time, I’ll be saying a sad goodbye to the friends I’ve made over the last five and a half years at Cats Protection and joining a digital agency in nearby Brighton as Social Media Manager.

It’s a really exciting creative role and I’m looking forward to getting started. It’ll be something of a change in direction for me as I’ve become used to promoting the work of a charity rather than businesses. But the fundamentals are similar and a new challenge is what I need. I hope I’ll be up to it! And to think that starting this little blog has played a part in getting me such a cool job…

In other news, Dylan is in the 95th percentile, while Xander is in the 99th. I know that they may well yet deviate from these curves on the graphs in the little red books but, eventually, being stood between the two of them could provide an accurate simulation of being down a well. Time will tell, but I may err on the side of caution and get some stilts and longer trousers to save face.

Finally for this week’s stream of consciousness by yours truly, I’m off to the ActionAid Summer Blog Party next week. I attended a similar event earlier this year and was impressed not only by the scale of what the charity achieves but also by the passion that people have for the cause.

Blogging in general and the parent blogging community, in particular, have been good to me and I’ve always believed that it’s nice to give something back or pass something on when others have helped you, so I’m hoping I will be able to contribute to making a positive difference to others – however small it may seem to be in the grand scheme of things. It’ll also be great to meet up again with some of the friends I made at the last event.

All in all, a good week behind me and a good week ahead. Thanks for reading!


  1. Tom Briggs

    Thanks Lesley! A nod to Sarah at Hello Wall… is well in order here as Wednesday Witter is something she started up recently. 🙂

  2. Tom Briggs

    Cheers Sarah! The commute will be a lot easier and I should get a fair bit of my day back, which is great!

    Kate is about 5’8 – I think! She’s an inch or two shorter than me, but I’m not entirely sure how tall I am! Either way, I think both boys will tower over us! 🙂

  3. Laura - Chez Mummy

    Congratulations on your new job, how exciting! I’m sure you’ll be fab in your new role

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