So long and thanks for all the felines

A sign outside Cats Protection.

Today is a strange day indeed. It’s my last day as an employee of Cats Protection. I started in early 2007 as Copywriter and am leaving five and a half years later having made the move to Digital Communications Officer; a result of being in the right place at the right time.

The last few years have been eventful. Soon after I started at CP, I met Kate on the work minibus. You can stop to laugh or go ‘awwww’ at that bit if you like. It’s what most people do.

Since then we’ve bought a flat together, got married, sold the flat and bought a house a mere month before Dylan arrived and then welcomed Xander this year. Very productive – but what about work?!

Well, I’ve done all kinds of weird and wonderful things. In no particular order, I’ve taken part in a world record attempt, hunted cat statues in London and York, visited Wales and Northern Ireland for the first time and been to a handful of awards ceremonies.

I’ve downed many a pint in the pub where they filmed the first ever episode of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, got shouted at by Brian Blessed, worked somewhere that looks a lot like Teletubbyland, interviewed celebrities, learned about cryptozoology, been to Crufts even though I don’t get on well with dogs, met the National Lottery’s Voice of the Balls twice and was well chuffed when he remembered me four years after our first meeting.

I’ve somehow managed to get articles about beer into The Cat magazine twice, got stuff trending on Twitter, hunted desperately for a table for two in Bridgend, appeared in and filmed some pretty random viral videos, got very drunk in Birmingham, seen slogans I’ve come up with printed on massive posters at London railway stations and made a digital switchover of sorts in swapping journalism for digital shizzle.

And all this while being annoyingly allergic to my favourite animals – it’s been busy!

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thanks to everyone over the last few years for all of the laughs, weirdness and opportunities that I’ve become involved in. I make no apology now for finishing off with a message to each of the team I’m sadly leaving.

Thanks for being a first-class friend, feeder and pharmacist. Thanks for all the sweets; I think I’ve developed type two diabetes, but feet are overrated. If there was an award for indoor hat wearer of the year, you’d win every time.

The office can be a bit like the Evergreen Forest at times. You are the moment that Bert Raccoon wakes up. Thanks for the ‘randomination’ that characterised many a day. Keep eating those three-bean salads and having strange thoughts about the Ghostbusters.

I shall miss the tea time ‘bullying’ and the random news stories that you have a genius knack of unearthing. The very recent one about a pensioner ruining a fresco was probably the finest, even though it’s probably wrong to laugh. Cheers Essex!

We haven’t worked together for long, but we’ll always have Fox’s Wine Bar, a ‘welcoming’ hotel and crapping pigeons in Bridgend. Take care mate!

Thanks for employing me twice and for all of the laughs. I unashamedly steal some of your jokes and pass them off as my own in social situations. What happens in the van stays in the van, but I will never forget the moment you accidentally bit a colleague in the Madejski Stadium.

Thanks, everyone – I’m here until the end of the day. Try the Google+…


  1. Franski

    Awww, there’s a tear in my eye. I’m going to miss you big time. Just make sure you use this social media malarkey called Facebook and stay in touch. Fx

  2. Anonymous

    What’s amazing about you Tom, is we never know quite what your hair is going to do next.

    We’re gonna miss you – keep in touch.

    Bear bunch x

  3. FoxFan

    We will indeed! Hope you find some equally fantastic wine bars in Brighton…and I hope your new role works out brilliantly.

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