Alexander the Great

A baby boy trying to crawl.

It recently struck me that I haven’t written much about Xander of late. How rude! Dylan’s long-awaited achievements of speaking and sleeping in a proper bed have dominated rather. So the littlest member of the household has taken a back seat. Well this post is going to be all about him. So how’s the little fella doing?

Apart from his party trick of being sick in his own ear with alarming regularity, he’s doing brilliantly. He’s four months old now, bloody huge – Alexander the Great, eh?!

I should add that he is all in proportion; he’s near the top of every percentile – and is incredibly strong for his age. He’s already trying to sit up and roll over and, as yesterday’s Silent Sunday post shows, is quite literally finding his feet.

It won’t be safe to leave him unattended in his bouncy chair for much longer. Lest he suddenly dive out in protest at Dylan watching the same episodes of Peppa sodding Pig AGAIN! Okay, I may have been projecting a little there, although Xander does have a knowing look on his face at times.

He’s also very chilled out and smiles a lot, which is lovely. What isn’t so lovely for the poor little monkey or, indeed, our attempts at getting some sleep is the fact that his teeth seem to be on their way. He seems to have several of them lurking below his gums, vying to be the first to erupt and he’s dribbling a lot.

Fortunately, he’s adept at self soothing; we’ll often hear the early whimpers of what threatens to escalate to a full-on bout of howling, only to get to his cot and find him studiously sucking his thumb. Bless.

I’m sure he’s fascinated by everything, but he seems to be particularly interested in the exploits of his big brother. After the initial excitement about having Xander around, it’s fair to say that Dylan became a bit “meh” about him.

But we reckon that small(ish) is starting to win over big with his gummy grin. Given his size and the fact that he’s got Dylan to copy, it probably won’t be long before he’s trying to follow his lead. Carnage will ensue…


  1. The Fool

    Teeth already? Poor chap. He sounds a lot like Henry though who is also a proper chunker. Love watching him and Matilda together, I get the feeling he’s going to be doing things a lot quicker by copying her.

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