Wednesday Witter #3: being put in my place

My baby son celebrates after I was put in my place.

This week hasn’t been dominated by anything in particular. Well it has actually, but I haven’t quite finished the post about the parenting achievement in question, so I’ll leave you in suspense on that front. But there have been a few little things worthy of mention. Most of them involve me being put in my place by Xander and Dylan. Bless ’em.

Xander is changing all the time at the moment. He’s getting stronger, more interested in his surroundings and ever more smiley by the day, which is lovely to see. What’s not quite as lovely is the fact that he’s got teeth forcing their way through. And it looks like there are plenty of them too. Poor little man.

Even less lovely is that, were there to be a game involving avoiding getting baby puke in an, erm, embarrassing place, I would be three-nil down by now. I’ll say this for him, his aim is good. He’s managed to make me look like I’ve been caught short rather a lot. It was so bad on one occasion that I had to change my pants as well as my trousers. Ewwww!

Not to be outdone by the young pretender to his crown of cheekiness, however, Dylan came out with a slap down of his own. By means of a little history first, we think he’s going through the much-longed-for word explosion and is saying new ones all the time.

One of those he can say perfectly now is Mummy. I’m genuinely chuffed that he’s speaking Kate’s name first. She’s with him more and it would have been a bit galling had he said ‘Daddy’ first. I’m not quite as pleased with how he chose to greet me the other day, however.

He’d been down for a nap and, upon polishing off his milk, pointed at Kate and said ‘Mummy!” It was a wonderful moment. He then pointed at me and said “Gay!” Well thanks for that, Dylan. A cameo in the next series of The Inbetweeners surely awaits…

As is now usual for my midweek musings, I’m linking this post to the Wednesday Witter linky started by Sarah at Hello Wall…


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