Wednesday Witter #2 – my brain has turned to mush

A light bulb.

In case you missed the first one last week, Wednesday Witter – the brainchild of Sarah at Hello Wall… – is a new weekly opportunity for bloggers to assess their weeks so far. So, erm, here’s this week’s offering…

My week has been dominated by the realisation that my brain seems to have turned to mush since Xander arrived. I can only hope it’s due to tiredness and therefore a temporary state of affairs. But I think I’m actually getting less intelligent by the day.

I constantly find myself struggling to retrieve the most basic of words from wherever they are stored in my mind. I also refer to whatever it is I’m mentioning as ‘the thing’ or ‘errrrr’. Amazingly, Kate normally seems to understand what I’m on about.

I’ve also started doing a weird gesture when I’m trying to think of said lost words. It looks like I’m playing an invisible, one-sided accordion. It looks ridiculous, but it’s compulsive and now part of my life.

In case you’re wondering, no, it doesn’t actually help me remember the words. Then there’s the act of walking into a room and thinking “Well, fucked if I know what I came in here to do.” Oh dear.

There’s a decidedly odd flipside to all this, however. Despite being knackered, increasingly dippy, the fact that I need an inhaler at regular intervals and have two recurring sports injuries, I actually feel fitter than I have since a brief stint in my early twenties when I was employed as a dustman.

Back then I was, as I believe the cool kids say, ripped. You would be too if you had to lug two overloaded wheelie bins at a time down narrow alleyways built with no consideration for future waste collection staff. Selfish Victorian bastards.

That’s not the case now – well, somebody has to aid the stock rotation of the booze and biscuit aisles at my local convenience shop – but I seem to be getting physically stronger nonetheless. And I have proof!

I arrived home the other day to find that Kate had got the Wii Fit out. Once she had finished doing the weird activities it makes you do, I had a go on it; my Wii age was 27 – I’ve somehow lost five years somewhere. Woot!

Plus, if I do say so myself, I’ve played a blinder at five-a-side for the last couple of weeks and have felt like I could play on for longer.

I’m pleased about this, of course, but have literally no idea how it has come to pass. Then again, answering that one would require my brain…


  1. Tom Briggs

    Phew, not just me then. Before and after photos eh? What, like a picture of some full bins followed by a snap of some empty ones?!

  2. Sarah Miles

    I can barely remember my own name some days….I think you’re right – it’s fatigue and losing the will to live some days….!

    I think you should post us a before and after photo from your dustbin days!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. sarah

    Ha the stock rotation idea is a blinder!! I knew i was helping those bored 16 year olds in the tesco metro!!

    and i agree with Sarah, lets see the ‘ripped’ Tom photos ;))

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