My day as a stay-at-home dad

A toddler pretending to drink out of an empty glass.

I have long acknowledged that stay-at-home parents have the hardest jobs in the world. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to prove this hypothesis – as if proof were needed. Kate went out for the day to buy Dylan’s birthday presents, so I got a taste of what it’s like to be a stay-at-home dad.

Obviously, I’d had Dylan on my own plenty of times. I’m just as adept at taking care of Xander on a one-to-one basis too. But this was the first time I’d had two of the little monkeys to keep out of trouble.

I was excited and nervous in equal measure. The first time I had Dylan on my own, I took him to a completely pointless event where I lost his socks and then banged his head on a door frame when I got home.

Thankfully, yesterday was a good day. And the fact that Dylan ended up smelling of Old Speckled Hen wasn’t my fault.

To be honest, it was pretty uneventful. Knowing full well how sod’s law works, I was expecting apocalyptic nappies from both lads at once, epic tantrums and a couple of hefty kicks in the nads at the very least. It was quiet. Almost too quiet. Xander slept for large periods. And, apart from a little initial reluctance to drink expressed milk from a bottle – as well as trying to latch on to me for a feed – he was very chilled out.

Dylan, meanwhile, was being good – it can be a lottery at times, given the age he’s about to reach – and I didn’t need to resort to the hypnotic powers of CBeebies and Peppa Pig nearly as much as I thought I would.

That said, I was bloody knackered by the time Kate got back. I guess the blue-arsed fly routine that is running backwards and forwards between two children and trying to make sure that everything fitted in with their routines was responsible for this. In spite of this lethargy, it was wonderful to spend a weekday with the boys. I loved every minute of it.

So what of the Old Speckled Hen incident? Well, the truth is quite boring. It would’ve been much funnier if I’d inadvertently poured a pint of it over Dylan’s head. Nope, the online grocery shopping delivery was responsible for that.

A bottle broke in transit, drenching half the food, including all the things that he finds most attractive and, as he ‘helped’ me to unpack, he got covered in it. He smelt gorgeous! So a good day all in all. I’ll drink to that. Well, I would have done if the beer had survived…


  1. Keeping in touch with Mum

    I agree Tom, definitely the hardest job I’ve had – great interview though!
    Sounds like you had a good day – watch out for the routine though, when that itself becomes routine things can get tough.
    My advice as a stay-at-home-dad don’t stay at home! Get out with the wee one(s) as much as you can.

  2. Older Mum

    Sounds like you got through it very well. When I leave Little A with my other half, he’s always totally bush wackered by the time I get home. Love it when they try to latch onto dads – its so funny!

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