Stuck for Father’s Day ideas?

A father and his toddler and baby sons.
A likely Father’s Day scene in our home:
Me: “Are you going to give Xander a hug?” Dylan: “Shhh! Peppa Pig is on telly, Dad.”

It’s nice when people come to you for your opinion, especially when they cite you as an authority on a certain subject in the process. It doesn’t happen often – well, not to me anyway – which is why I’ve had a spring in my step since the nice people at Next got in touch with me to ask if I could represent my fellow dads on the eternally tricky subject of what to buy for Father’s Day.

Dads are often hard to buy for. Nobody knows why; it’s one of life’s mysteries like where odd socks go when they suddenly vanish. Funnily enough, us dads often get socks as gifts for such occasions – I’m not suggesting that there is a correlation between those two facts though, oh no; I have a clear conscience on the subject of my long-gone footwear. Anyway, Next have asked me to answer a couple of questions and nominate two gifts that I think others like me would be chuffed to receive come Sunday. So here we go…

What would your perfect Father’s Day look like?

My perfect Father’s Day would probably look like any other Sunday, albeit with a bit more of a lie-in and maybe some slightly more humane nappies to deal with when it’s my turn to do them. I love spending weekends with my family and vomit-inducing though it may sound, that’s enough for me. I’m not going to turn up my nose at gifts and a little bit of extra feet-up time though – I’m not daft! Also if Dylan could finally say ‘Daddy’ – and ‘Mummy’ too, for that matter – then that would be ace.

What does being a dad mean to you?

In a word, everything. If you’d have told me a few years ago that, in 2012, I’d not only be married and have two children, but that I’d also be writing about being a parent, I’d have laughed at you. A friend of mine once told me that becoming a parent was the best thing you can do in life and, in my experience, he was spot on. Knowing that I’ve got two wonderful little lads – and Kate too, of course – waiting for me after a bad day at the office always cheers me up.

So now for the gifts…

There are plenty of gifts to choose from in Next’s Father’s Day section, so coming up with just two that I like and that I feel other dads would enjoy too was quite a task. Here are the ones I came up with:

A Next messenger bag.

My first choice is this Khaki Embossed Messenger bag from the Trend Setter section. Not only does it say “Yeah, I may be a dad now, but I’ve still got it,” but it could also double as a changing bag for the more style-conscious of dads.

A Next Team GB T-shirt.

My second choice is this Team GB Red Marl T-Shirt from the Sports Fan range. It shows support for Team GB – obviously – and has the same inherent cool that keeps me going back to Next for my T-Shirts. Plus, I think that encouraging your kids to get involved in sport can only be a good thing, and this is one way of leading by example! I’m sure it’s an option that numerous dads will be wearing with
pride this summer.

Right, those are my suggestions for dads like me. Job done. Now what to get for my dad… ?

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