See you at BritMums Live!

As I’m lucky enough to be going to BritMums Live on Friday, it struck me that I really ought to write a post about it. So, erm, here is said post.

This will be my first such conference and I’m really looking forward to it. There’s an amazing lineup of keynote speakers and workshops in prospect as well as the opportunity to meet plenty of other bloggers whose brilliant writing I admire and secretly envy.

I’m also jammy enough to be a member of one of the discussion panels on Saturday. I will be joining Craig from Dadzclub, Spencer from SAHDandproud,┬áTim from Bringing Up Charlie and Andy from Dad’s Cooking Tonight in the dad bloggers Q&A session. If you want to know what being a dad who blogs is like, come along. I’ll be the one hiding behind the others.

I’ll also be wearing two hats. Not literally, mind, that would be daft and I look ridiculous in them anyway. No, I will be representing the charity I work for, Cats Protection. If you are a feline friendly blogger, do come and say hello.

We have a Blogger Network and always welcome new members. I’ll be going to the Blogging for the greater good session, also on Saturday.

See you on Friday. I’ll be the bloke in the shirt, jeans and knackered Converse. There’s a good chance you’ll find me by the beer stand…


  1. Cat

    Hi Tom, just got your follow on twitter & thought I’d check out your blog and say hi!

    Maybe see you at Britmums – hoping to make it along to blogging for good too.

  2. autisticson

    Hi Tom,

    Good to meet you on Friday- hope the talk went well on Satyrday afternoon. Had a blazing hangover over myself but managed to gat home in one piece! Really enjoying reading your blog- well written and I’m loving the Romero reference.

    B’s Dad

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