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Question: have you ever been told that you resemble somebody famous? Next question: was the comparison flattering or the complete opposite?

For some reason, I seem to have got it a lot. Here are five famous faces I have been told I look like. Obviously, I’m not going to use pictures of them here as I’m poor and photographic image archives have good lawyers. Instead, here’s what I look like now, followed by my alleged famous five doppelgangers…

Pete Sampras

To me, he looks like he can eat bananas with his feet and has a penchant for battered old tyres on ropes. To my peers at school he was a dead ringer for me. Fifteen love.


While I look little like the ‘actor’ who plays him *ducks for cover* I can see how this one came about. Since becoming a dad, I have become pretty apathetic about shaving and getting my hair cut as often as most civilised others do. I have a clear conscience about my fingernails, however.

Alan Davies/Jonathan Creek

This one is probably also my own fault; you see I have had the same hair as him on no fewer than three ocassions. Why I grew it back a second and third time, I will never know. I don’t think I look much like him either, but I do live near a windmill…

Jimmy Carr

I look nothing like him, but one of my mates at work is convinced that I do. He’s had plenty a punchline at my expense with the recent headlines. I definitely don’t have his laugh though. Only sealions can produce a similar chuckle.

Matthew Rhys

I had never actually heard of this bloke, but I’m reliably informed that he appears in something called Brothers and Sisters. Can’t see the resemblence there either – he’s a good looking chap.

Let’s turn this into a meme, shall we? I’d be interested to see if others have been as – ahem – lucky to apparently look like certain people as I have. If you fancy joining in, post a recent picture of yourself and list any famous folk you’ve been told you look like. Oh, and tag five others. Simple!

I hereby tag the following victims:

Two cats, Youngling and Me
Hello Wall…
Mutterings of a Fool

Over to you, you beautiful people!


  1. Carry On Katy

    When I was at uni, my boyfriend said that I looked like Gene Wilder. I should have dumped that jack ass!
    My mum looks exactly like Judi Dench and gets stopped in the street all the time.
    Ps. Pete Sampras for sure. And bananas are good for you!

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