Book review: How to Con Your Kid

The front cover of How to Con Your Kid.

My parents made a shocking admission to me recently: when I was but a child, they duped me into eating some meat I didn’t like the look of by telling me it was ‘Sussex ham’. Shocking behaviour, I know. But by all accounts I readily believed this rather lame fib and wolfed it down. Here we have a great example of how telling porkies to your kids can sometimes be a good thing and a self-indulgent introduction by yours truly to this offering by David Borgenicht and James Grace.

How to Con Your Kid aims to help beleaguered parents emerge victorious in all kinds of challenging moments with their offspring.

Every parent knows that children can be testing at times. With this in mind anything that helps out with the often thorny subjects of dinner time, getting dressed and going to sleep among others is very welcome as far as I’m concerned!

As its title suggests, this book is a friendly, humorous one. This is another big plus for me and, I’m sure, to numerous others who have been tempted to quite literally throw the book at their little darlings during some of the more fraught exchanges they sometimes seem to revel in.

Divided into sections for just about everything that can result in a battle of wills with a young child, this pocket-sized, hard-to-damage-by-stroppy-youngsters offering is a mine of useful tips, tricks and negotiating techniques. I’m don’t mind admitting that I’m going to keep my copy on my person for the foreseeable future.

So if you have a little treasure who won’t take medicine, allow you to cut their hair or let you leave the house without throwing a wobbly among a great many other things, How to Con Your Kid is definitely worth considering.

How to Con Your Kid has an RRP of £9.99.


  1. Richy

    I’m fairly certain I was conned into eating peas by being told they were “Batman peas”. Still don’t really like them. Except, oddly, in chicken fried rice.

  2. Emily Fourfun

    Sounds a great book. I only recently asked for the recipe for the green chicken soup we loved as children to be laughed at because it was pea soup!!

  3. Tom Briggs

    Two pea-related comments for one post! Batman peas and green chicken soup both sound awesome. I’m sad to learn that they don’t actually exist!

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