Word up, Dylan!

I’ve written a fair bit about Dylan’s apparent reluctance to speak, so I thought I’d provide an update on how he’s doing. I’m relieved to report that he now has a few words under his belt; not the word explosion that people often mention, but a few of them nonetheless. As they’re rather random – and because I want to keep a permanent record of his early utterings – here are some of his first few…

Owl: yesterday
Yes, the first name of this brattish animated pig is technically not a real word as such, but he says it whenever he sees her image and also tries to sing along with the theme tune, so I’m counting it. Just as long as he doesn’t start acting like her…

By far his most commonly used word, Dylan uses this monosyllabic offering for a number of things. Mainly to answer in the affirmative, but also as a means of trying to cadge food from us when he has finished his. If he doesn’t understand a question, he’ll reply with a slightly unsure, elongated ‘yeeeaaahhh’. It’s almost as if he’s trying not to lose face, even though he knows that we know he doesn’t understand. Too funny!

I suppose it was inevitable that he’d learn how funny this word is, but I wasn’t expecting toilet humour quite yet. He can now be relied upon to proudly sing ‘poo, poo, poo-poo’ when he’s done said deed and also when the coconuts appear on ZingZillas. And, yes, I am proud!

This has to be his most random word but I guess, that of all those he understands, it’s one of the easiest to say. He also says ‘ow’ and uses this in the correct context, but with the same intonation as he uses for ‘owl’. This makes him sound a little like an old Siamese cat…


This is a very new one. We took him to a new playgroup the other day where he was very interested in a book about said vehicle. I had to read it to him three times. Then, later in the day, there was one on the telly. ‘Digger’ he said with a very smug look on his face. Good lad!

There are plenty of others that he seems to be trying to say; so we’re optimistic that he’s turned a corner and will be graduating from ‘scribble talk’ to chatterbox status in the near future. It’s also heartening that none of them sound like fuck or bugger…

What were your kids’ first words? 


  1. Shona

    Wonderful news…they all do it in they’re own good time. Give it 6 months and you’ll wish he would be quiet! My sons 1st real word was “Hello” was completely out of the blue and a truly heart warming moment. My husband and I both read your blog (he relates to yourself as he became a dad for the 1st time 7 weeks ago…well unless you count when he took on me and his now 6.5 year old stepson) we enjoy a good chuckle at your experiences!

  2. Harley Bucknell

    Awesome stuff! My eldest turned 3 this month and he started speaking very early, his first word was ball, he was obsessed with the things, so much so that once friends and family found out, our house soon became a giant ball pen, soccer balls basketballs every kind of ball imaginable. His speech quickly developed from there, yet his motor skills were far behind other kids his age, he didn’t start walking til he was nearly 2, never crawled properly, just the caterpillar.

    Now our second, who is 18 months, seems to be the exact opposite, walked at 11 months, but won’t talk. I know it’s still early days but he’s very similar to your Dylan, understands and acknowledges everything we say. He grunts and makes noises, shakes and nods his head accordingly, just no words. I read comments on your last post on this topic, and I’ve got my fingers crossed for the “all of a sudden he just spoke full sentences” scenario. Here’s hoping.

  3. Chris @ CleverFather

    My wife has a dayhome as has looked after about a gazilion kids. Kids will start talking when they are ready. Some are early bloomers and some are a little more stubborn…

    Our oldest’s first words were either kitty, or mama…. not very original 🙂

    Baby #2… well, the verdict is still out on that one!

  4. mutteringsofafool

    The first word Matilda said was Bracken, the name of our dog. Then she said daddy and now after just 1 week she can say Henry. Still no mummy though and that cuts deep 🙂

  5. Richy

    Heather’s first word was, I think, her own name. Which makes sense I guess, because it’s one she’d have heard a lot.

    Megan’s first word was glasses, pronounced “gasssss”, for similar reasons actually – she’s obsessed with pulling mine off!

  6. Molly

    Regardless of all her issues with walking, F does Not. Stop. Talking. Ever. She yabbers on about EVERYTHING. The latest phrase she loves to utter is “Oh, God”, complete with eye-rolling. She’s also a big Peppa fan and alternates between “Peppa” and “Piggy”. Hence actual pepper is known as “Piggy” in our house. *sigh*

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