Introducing Xander!

He’s here! Alexander – or Xander, as he will be known – arrived early on Thursday afternoon. Kate had been having latent contractions for over a week and, having thought “today’s the day” every single time they started up during the first few days, we had become nonchalant about it all and had come to the conclusion that he was just going to keep us waiting and rock up a fortnight after his due date of today. Naturally, he caught us off guard this time and the fastest ever bowl of cornflakes and a mad dash to the hospital ensued.

It’s fair to say that he caused us a few concerns before he was born; we had to go for a scan very early on after one scare and another just a few weeks ago when the midwife thought that he was small for his dates. Thankfully, all was fine on both occasions and he weighed in at a very healthy 9lb 8oz. Small eh?! Kate was obviously hiding him well, but that’s not surprising; she eats as much as I do, although you would never think it to look at her. So Xander is, let’s say, robust; as well as that, he’s a strong little lad – he proved this in the first few minutes of his life as he somehow managed to snap the umbilical cord on his way out – I kid you not!

Kate has been a legend once again – I know that was always going to be a given, but it’s not going to stop me writing about her. She went through it all with very little pain relief and has had very little sleep since, but it isn’t showing. I don’t know how she does this – I’ve been like a zombie since the birth.

One of my biggest worries was what Dylan would think of his little brother; I’d read things about children of his age regressing and experiencing a profound feeling of loss at the birth of a younger sibling, so I’m relieved and delighted that he seems to like him. Phew! When he walked into the front room after getting back from my parents’ house where he had spent the night, he clocked the Moses basket straight away. “Oh shit, here comes the Incredible Hulk impression” I thought. I was wrong. Dylan walked up to Xander, smiled at him and held his hand before gently poking him a bit. He also put his finger to his lips and said what sounded distinctly like “shhh, baba”, which is impressive as he isn’t talking properly yet. He also handed Xander the present he had got for him and gave him a kiss. This is particularly weird as he seldom kisses us!

I know that, as far as Dylan is concerned, the novelty will diminish somewhat and I’m not going to fool myself into believing that we don’t have some epic tantrums coming up, but it’s lovely to see him showing such awareness of his new little brother.


  1. Lewis

    Congratulations again Tom and Kate! He is beautiful (and burly!) and it’s great to see Dylan taking an interest.

    Great name too, Buffy fans? 😉

  2. Donna@MummyCentral

    CONGRATULATIONS. Don’t worry about Dylan – my two fight over toys and bicker, but my eldest adores his baby bro and they even pestered me into getting bunkbeds this year so they could share a room.
    We included Brodie in everything to do with Blake after he was born – bathing, changing, dressing. And he feels like Blake is as much his to look after, even now he’s very protective of him.
    So pleased for you both. Still remember being at the MADs when you announced you were expecting.
    Now he’s here and I hope you’re not too frazzled and can just enjoy him x

  3. Dawn Marie

    Congratulations! Your new son is absolutely adorable! Your wife is glowing, and looks so proud. Great post, thank you for sharing your big day. The picture of the three of you boys is a keeper for sure. Dylan will love having a little brother to boss around, no worries! 🙂

  4. Tom Briggs

    Thanks for all your lovely comments! To answer a couple of questions, yes, Kate is a big Buffy fan but we liked the name anyway and yes, I’m sure I’m the dad – even though we do have a good looking postman!

  5. Mum Down South

    Congratulations. Your description of the two brothers meeting for the first time is so sweet. When we end up having number two, I know my main concern will be how the little man will react to a newcomer so it was good to hear. Why do they so often worry parents by saying that the baby is small? They did that to my friend a few weeks before her son was born and he was a whopping 10lbs 6oz!

  6. Salma

    Hi Tom,

    Congrats and a great blog! I would like to contact you or send you an email but couldn’t find any on your blog. I work for a production company and would love to speak to you re a project I am doing some research on. Maybe you could send me your email on

    Many thanks,

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