I’m supporting Team GB with Next

A Team GB scarf by Next.

Us Brits are very good at being self deprecating, sometimes too much so. It seems that we sometimes secretly want things to go awry so we can rip it out of those who are perceived to have failed. This applies particularly in sporting arenas.

I know that I, for one, am often guilty of this. So I’ve decided that I’m going to be positive about the Olympics and cheer on Team GB, albeit from my sofa. With exquisite timing, the nice people at Next got in touch to offer one of their official supporter scarves.

To promote the Olympic and Paralympic scarves, Next have sent them out to a bunch of bloggers like me as part of their ‘I’m Supporting’ campaign to see how we style and wear them. This is being carried out alongside the ‘Wear it, Wave it and Win’ prize draw on the Next website.

People can upload photos of themselves wearing the scarves and win some great prizes. Including tickets to the games themselves. Trying to instil a sense of optimism about British sport from an early age, I’ve delegated the task of modelling the scarf to Dylan and Xander.

A baby wearing a bandana.

First up, here’s Xander. He was only five days old when this photo was taken. Is this a record? As you can see, he’s decided to rock the bandana look while quite literally chilling in his crib. It suits him, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Then we have his big brother. I used to dress up as Superman as a child and Dylan is clearly his father’s son. Here he is displaying the scarf in all its glory by donning it as a cape for a frantic dash around the garden. It’s a good look on the lad, methinks.

A toddler wearing a cape.

You can get hold of your Olympic or Paralympic scarf by popping into your nearest Next. In addition, all the profits from the sales of them will be donated to the British Olympic Association. So there you go; you can show your support for Team GB, help a good cause and look as good as my lads all in one fell swoop. Bargain!


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