These boots were made for walking

Since I started writing this blog, I’ve compared Dylan to a lot of different animals, people and fictional characters. In this post, I’m going a step further and likening him to a mentalist who somehow became Roman Emperor. Yes folks, we have a mini Caligula on our hands.

Dylan couldn’t believe it when I compared him to Caligula…

For those of you who know little about Caligula I, for one, knew bugger all about him until Kate and I wrote a couple of chapters of this book his name means ‘Little Boots’. As a child he spent a lot of time with the Roman army and had his own small pair of military boots and the nickname stuck. It’s probably fair to say that Caligula got a bit big for his boots, given some of the stuff that he got up to and the same can be said of Dylan when he’s donning his new pair of wellingtons.

Kate tried them on him the other day and, I’m reliably informed, he was soon swaggering around the house with a huge grin on his chops. Three hours later when I got home from work, he was still sporting both the boots and the smile. Kate had tried taking his boots off, but he wasn’t having any of it. He was very pleased with himself in his footwear, thank you very much and, as far as he was concerned, these boots were most definitely made for walking.

Going back to the Roman nutjob, he also had his soldiers march towards Britain with every intention of invading, but changed his mind at the last minute and had them collect sea shells instead. This is very much in keeping with Dylan’s penchant for collecting things and putting them in piles. He hasn’t rounded up other kids his age and advanced on France yet though. That’s where the similarities to Caligula abruptly end though. The tyrant did some awful things with and to his sister this being a family blog, we won’t go into those here and was ultimately assassinated by a group of men, one of whom cited Caligula’s persistent mickey-taking of his voice as his motivation. Thankfully I can’t see Dylan ever being involved in such things.

The fact that our little man seems to like his boots so much is, of course, a good thing. Kids can be particular about things like this, so it’s one less battle for the future. Plus, of course, there are many benefits to having your feet in your wellies…

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