Stay ‘appy’ this Valentine’s Day with Next

An infographic about Valentine's Day by Next.

Ah, Valentine’s Day. That one day in the calendar that, more than most, strikes fear into the hearts of usually confident couples up and down the country!

It’s strange that people worry so much about getting their other half the right thing when they know them so well, but it’s something we all seem to panic about as soon as we venture into our nearest shopping centre.

Contrary to what people say about it being the thought that counts, it is possible to buy the wrong thing. I know, because I was once on the receiving end. One Valentine’s Day many years ago, I was given a battery-powered Lara Croft Tomb Raider toothbrush by my then girlfriend.

Nothing says “you have bad breath, play too many video games and ogle impossibly-proportioned women behind my back” quite like that, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Well, thanks to the nice people at Next and their brand new Valentine’s Gift and Outfit Selector app, that need not be a problem this year. Simply answer a few easy questions and the app will come up with some handy suggestions for what to get your loved one. Job done.

Update: I’ve had two more kids since writing this post. It’s THAT old. Consequently, the app mentioned above is no longer available. Nice infographic though!

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