Around the world in 80 words: Treviso

A lion statue in Treviso.

This post has been inspired by the irritatingly funny SAHDandproud. He’s come up with the brilliant idea of creating an alternative, online, user-generated travel book thingy – holiday guide 2.0 if you will.

Since he started it a few weeks ago, I’ve been meaning to join in. So here’s my first foray into the world of citizen travel journalism. I give you my 80-word report on Treviso…

Described by various guide books as a ‘little Venice’, Treviso is no such thing. It’s a bit turd really and there’s hardly any chuffing water either. I wouldn’t normally condone such things, but the graffiti on the insides of the pillars of the town hall provided the only interesting talking point of this ridiculously shit excursion. That and a bewildered looking statue of a lion. Thankfully, we went on a wine tasting trip on the way back and got pissed.


  1. Sarah

    Is that a lion or a sea lion? Love the expression anyway. I will not be going to Treviso thanks to your insight and pertinent review. Thanks for the warning!

  2. Tom Briggs

    It’s a pleasure, Sarah!

    I’m pretty sure it’s a lion; if I remember rightly, it may have had wings too!

    Maybe its ears got so fed up of living in Treviso that they fell off in protest.

  3. Treviso Holiday

    To understand Treviso an “excursion” isn’t enough. Exploring the entire province will make you change your mind for sure.

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