Zombie eye!

Regular readers of Diary of the Dad may know that I have a bit of a morbid fascination with all things zombie related and, in the best traditions of undead hordes, references to them creep into my posts here and there. In my first ever one, for example, I wrote about how I had finally emulated my silver screen heroes due to the way I was lumbering around the house in a sleep-deprived state during the first few weeks after Dylan was born. Well now I’m starting to look the part too!

It’s looking at you!

Thanks to a bout of conjunctivitis of indeterminate origin – as well as the fact that I already had bad teeth – I am cultivating a look that is more than a wee bit reminiscent of some of the extras in George A Romero and Lucio Fulci’s finest splatterfests. Woot. If you add to this the fact that I live near Eastbourne where everybody seems to walk really slowly due to the rather large population of senior citizens who call the town home, I have an almost perfect opportunity to pop down to the Arndale Centre to act out my Dawn of the Dead fantasies.

I’ll be honest with you though; looking like a flesh-devouring fiend isn’t all it cracked up to be. It stings a lot and has given me the same aversion to light that most sane vampires have – not including the half-arsed ones in the Twilight series who shimmer in sunlight of course, but that’s a vitriolic rant for another time – and looking at a computer screen has been a nightmare, which is a bit of a pain seeing as my new job is in social media. Indeed, this post took me several two-minute bursts to complete – I kid you not.

Worried that I may have the highly contagious variety of ‘zombie eye’, my boss quite sensibly sent me home until I had the nod from the good doctor that all was well. Fair enough. But take a look at this picture of my brilliant ‘thank you for your work in 2011’ present from said esteemed boss. Did he know about my impending transformation? Spooky!

One word: awesome


  1. Tom Briggs

    Yes thanks Sarah, I have some reassuringly expensive stuff I have to use every few hours. Have so far managed to poke myself in the eye with the nozzle every time!

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