You lucky b*stard!

“You lucky bastard! You lucky, lucky bastard!” That’s what one of Michael Palin’s plethora of characters in Monty Python’s Life of Brian would be saying to me right now. I’ve had a good year. A really bloody good year, in fact. So, in the best traditions of TV shows that take the lazy way out for their last episode of a series by stringing together a bunch of highlights with the occasional out-of-usual-character links between clips, here are a few of the things that contributed to me defining myself as a lucky bastard this year.

A lucky bastard complete with Movember effort

Dylan has achieved all manner of exciting milestones in 2011 and it’s not possible to pick a favourite. My younger but infinitely wiser sister – who has two kids – says that every stage is allowed to be your favourite and that makes sense to me. That said, Dylan turning one and then learning to walk and subsequently kick a ball have to be up there!

Step one: walking. Step two: kicking a ball. Marvellous!

Moving on to something that has definitely opened up some fantastic new opportunities for me, I won my category in the MAD Blog Awards. I still find it hard to believe, so thanks again to all you lovely people who voted for me.

Dylan gets his grubby mitts on the MADs trophy

Starting this blog got me interested in using Twitter more and I’ve since made a lot of friends as a result. It also got me more into social media, which resulted in me getting a fantastic new job at work. I’ve been doing the web 2.0 stuff on top of my day job for the charity I work for for a few years now, but now it’s my full-time occupation. It’s going to be a lot of fun too. See? I’m jammy, but I’m keeping my feet on the ground.

For a while, said feet were cold due to a frustrating quest for the perfect pair of slippers. Thankfully, however, egged on by my blogging chum SAHDandProud I found them. We then hijacked somebody else’s blog with our footwear purchases. She thought it was funny though – thanks Transatlantic Blonde!

Yes! I got them, I bloody got them!
Of course, as I’ve been so lucky, it’s nice to give something back and I hope that’s what I’ve done with this here book. Dad bloggers are in the minority, so I thought it would be a good idea to showcase a few of them in an anthology. My good pal Tim Atkinson helped make this possible and even let me edit it. Thanks Tim!
It’s full of excellent bloggers. You should buy a copy…
Saving the best for last, though, Kate and I found out that we are expecting our second child next year. We’re delighted and terrified in equal measure!

So there you go. I’ve been very fortunate indeed this year and I’m truly grateful for all of it. I hope that this time next year – or, of course, right now – I can call you a bunch of lucky bastards too.

Merry Christmas!


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