The cheek of it!

Dylan is becoming cheekier by the day and, let’s not tiptoe around the subject, has become a right little piss taker! He is a very good boy for the most part and we’re really lucky on that score. That said, he does seem to relish the opportunity to take the Mickey on a regular basis.

For example, he knows what ‘no’ means, but views that monosyllabic uttering of caution as a gauntlet that he willingly picks up and runs with, sporting a huge grin at the same time. He still hasn’t grown out of his favourite game of smacking me in the mouth and also has a new hobby of jumping up and down on the sofa if we turn our backs for more than a couple of seconds. He also knows that Kate keeps a supply of emergency rice cakes in her handbag for when we’re out and about. What he does with this is even cheekier; he doesn’t just help himself, he brings them to us and offers us the chance to offer him one. Naughty boy!

It’s not just with breaking the rules, however, oh no! The other day I got hiccups. Did he look concerned that his poor Daddy didn’t seem to be breathing properly? Fat chance! He just imitated me, waiting for each hiccup so that he could copy it and then chortle with a mischievous look in his eye. Kate has been on the receiving end of his new-found boldness too. Yesterday he kept walking up to her and pinching her arm then running away and laughing his arse off. I offered him my arm instead to check if it was just Kate he was targeting he just shoved me out of the way and pinched her again. Evidently it was; cheeky little monkey!

The real problem is that we find his boundary testing funny and can’t help but laugh sometimes, which I know will only serve to reinforce his naughty antics. In a way, it’s like being back at primary school and getting ‘assembly laugh’, but how can you fail to giggle at a 17-month-old child who has recently started doing a victory dance every time he thinks he’s got away with an act of cheek? So I suppose we’re both asking for it a little, me in particular for being the parent he has inherited this trait from and also for writing posts that compare him to Hellboy.

His little brother/partner in crime is due in April; I fear the two of them are going to be quite a double act…  


  1. Military Dad

    I completely understand. Sometimes, it’s incredibly difficult to not laugh at their antics. My son was recently chasing his sister around with a foam sword that we got from Medieval Times. I would tell him to stop, but as I was talking, he would look at his sister with a look of playful, “I’m gonna get you” on his face. It was too much to handle, and I just broke out laughing. As a result, chasing his sister with the sword is now his favorite activity. We went back to Medieval Times over the weekend, and we bought her a foam battleaxe to defend herself with. That was probably a good idea. Right???

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