Who Let the Dads Out? Out now!

The cover of 'Who Let The Dads Out?'

Remember how I had the daft idea that I could pull a book together in a fortnight and my blogging pal Tim Atkinson had the equally silly notion that he could get it published in time for Christmas? Well we’ve only bloody well gone and done it! Yes, dear reader, Who Let the Dads Out? is out now and available to order. I think that’s worthy of celebration: whoop! Ahem. Anyway, it’s now in print!

Some 20 odd dad bloggers have chosen their favourite posts to go in this anthology which has been published by the Dotterel Press. It was hard work, but we’re really pleased with it and are confident that you’ll like it too.

You can order your copy here for a little over a fiver. With so much fantastic writing talent between its covers, we reckon that’s a bargain price!

Big thanks to everyone who contributed, we hope that it’ll get the dad bloggers of the world a little more recognition and hopefully inspire a few other dads to try their hands at blogging.

We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your feedback!


  1. Anonymous

    I just thought I would leave a comment to let you how much of a nice read this actually was.

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