Dynamo Dylan the wing wizard?

I’m writing this post shortly after getting back from my weekly game of five-a-side football and am absolutely delighted to report that Dylan has recently been showing some signs of being interested in the beautiful game himself. Aside from his prowess when it comes to picking a semi-decent fantasy football team, he has started to demonstrate some of the key attributes of a top Premier League player – not that I’m getting carried away with this at all.

He’s only really been walking confidently for a couple of months, but he can already kick a ball and sort of dribble it too. Admittedly, when I pass his oversized foam ball to him, his normal reaction is to pick it up and throw it back at me, but when the mood takes him, he can keep it at his feet for a few kicks. Not bad eh? Better still, he always seems to kick with his left foot. Plus, he often walks on the balls of his feet and can get to an impressive pace. While this prancing is more than a tad reminiscent of the gait of the marionettes in Team America, it also suggests he’s going to be a good sprinter.

Kate and I were both good sprinters too, so I don’t think I’m clutching at straws here: he’s going to be a top-class winger! Could he be the answer to England’s much-lamented left-side problem? An English Gareth Bale, perhaps? I can only hope so. Of course, to be a handy wide player, you need stamina and Dylan’s got bucket loads of that too – I’ve lost count of the number of times that he has been at the point of dropping off for his daily nap and suddenly found a second wind.

There are plenty of other signs too – whenever Jeff Stelling appears on the television, Dylan smiles at him. He hasn’t laughed at any of his puns mind. He also joins in when I celebrate Tottenham scoring. Good lad! Best of all, the football we play with seems to have become his favourite toy and he has been known to pick it up as a comforter. He even falls asleep with his arm round it – something that he hasn’t yet done with any of his teddies. Judging by this picture, maybe he’ll choose to play between the sticks instead…

The reflexes of a cat… and the ability to sleep like one too!


  1. Crystal Jigsaw

    Well it sure looks promising! I suspect England could do with a decent player for once…

    CJ x

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