Movember update: one week to go!

Okay, so I meant to write a Movember update every week and, due to a combination of tiredness, laziness and work rudely getting in the way, missed out last time, oops. Anyway, there is one week left of me sporting this strange face furniture and I have to say I’m pleased with how it’s going. Here’s the latest mugshot…

Apart from getting some strange looks from a few people on the train as well as the silent treatment from the dustmen who, it has to be pointed out, always used to say good morning back to me when our paths crossed in the mornings, I think I’ve got away with looking like a complete fool for the last three weeks.

I’ve also made over £80 myself, while my team, Cats Motection, has raised well over £600. A big thank you to everyone who has kindly donated to me and my Mo Bros so far. Good results all round although, on a personal achievement level, I’d love to take my fundraising total to over £100. If you can spare a quid or two, I’d be most grateful for your support. Movember is a fantastic way of raising funds for an important cause, so please give what you can and feel free to ridicule me in the comments section below.

You can donate via my Movember page here

Thank you.

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