What I Wore Wednesday

Ok, I’m not to blame for the small act of mischief that is to follow. Well, not entirely anyway. Regular readers of Diary of the Dad will know all about my long-running quest to find the perfect pair of slippers. I am not alone in this apparently sad obsession, however, oh no. My esteemed fellow dad blogger and Twitter chum @SAHDandproud joined me on an arduous journey through numerous slipper retailers. Happily, we both found the ideal sole mates – see what I did there? – this very week.

Naturally, we shared pictures of our proud purchases online, as you do, and embarked on a new campaign to encourage others like us to invest in slippers, especially now the weather has turned. You can join us by tweeting the hashtag #SlipperQuest. We’ll be on hand to provide encouragement on what can be a tough and sometimes emotional mission. Meanwhile, my mischievous slipper-wearing pal came up with the genius idea of sharing our pictures on the What I Wore Wednesday page of the fantastic Transatlantic Blonde’s blog.

So here are my new slippers again in all their glory. For the record, everything else I wore today was from Next, just in case any of their PR folk are reading this. Dylan was wearing a Next top when I got home too.


  1. Glasgow Mummy

    And what fab slippers they are. How many pairs did you end up trying before you found the one?

  2. Tom Briggs

    Thank you both! They took a-g-e-s to find – over a year in fact! Will see what I can do on the robe front too! 🙂

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