Three small steps for little man

Dylan took another big step this week, quite literally. In fact, he took three in succession. We’d been sat on the sofa watching In the Night Garden together and, apparently bored of where Mr Pontipine’s errant moustache was going to whizz off to next, he started doing the usual “I want to get down now, Daddy” routine – kicking me a couple of times before trying to dive feet first off the edge of the sofa.

Getting his subtle hint, I lifted him up, put him on the floor with his back leaning against my legs and, being the attentive parent I am, grabbed my phone to read a text that had alerted me to its presence half an hour previously. I had just opened said message when I heard Kate shriek in excitement. I looked up just in time to see steps two and three as our little man casually sauntered across the right angle that is formed by our sofas. Very exciting!

That I nearly missed it is, I’m sure, not at all unusual. Babies decide to do things at the strangest of times and there must be numerous parents out there who have just happened to have been looking the wrong way at the wrong time. I remember when he first rolled over we both missed it as we had heard a car door outside and were speculating as to whether it was somebody bringing him a surprise gift – well, it was just after Christmas. We’re not that presumptuous normally. Thankfully, he condescended to give us a real-life action replay so we didn’t really miss out.

Since those first three strides, he’s taken the odd step or two every day and I don’t think it’ll be long now until he’s confidently swaggering along, undoubtedly on a mission to hide his dummies in some new fiendishly hard-to-find places and to grab and throw things he couldn’t previously reach during his ‘floor days’. My mum predicted that he would do so at 13 months and it looks like she’s going to be right – it was an educated guess though; I first walked at that age, as did my sister and, much more recently, her son, Jack. Dylan clearly doesn’t want to deviate from this pattern. Only this morning he decided to show off that he can now use his walker with only one hand. Soon it’ll be a case of “Look! No hands!”


  1. Anna H

    We bought our little monkey his first shoes last week but so far he has refused to walk anywhere in them and has reverted back to crawling!

  2. Chuckalicious

    Cracking 🙂 Sounds like he’ll be up an causing no end o trouble in no time! As The Fool says, hope you’ve got it caught on video.

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