The postman cometh

Having previously taken inspiration for his antics from a number of big- and small-screen characters including monkeys, Gollum and Taz, Dylan has finally chosen to emulate a human.

Well, a stop-motion representation of a human with a missing finger on each hand and what has to be the world’s oldest living pet cat, anyway. Yes, his new hero would appear to be Postman Pat.

It’s not because of the way he ambles around, although his nearly-walk is more than a tad reminiscent of Greendale’s finest. Neither is it the way he manages to distract himself from the task in hand with some other mild-peril mission, but more about the job everyone’s favourite animated postie ought to be up to, were the show massively dull.

Alongside showing more interest in his shape-sorting toys, his new thing this week has been to start ‘posting’ things in strange places. It’s mostly his dummies that are treated to this strange special delivery service. Anything he can get his hands on seems to be fair game though. Even as I type this, he is ‘delivering’ some pegs to Kate’s handbag.

Maybe it’s in his blood. My grandfather was a Deputy Postmaster and I worked as a Post Office counter clerk for a couple of years too, so there’s a vague family history.

It has to be said that Dylan would be a fine acquisition for Royal Mail. He’s fantastic at losing things. Meanwhile, his ability to wake us at an inhumane hour on Saturdays – very much a case of “early in the morning, just as day is dawning” – would also be described as ‘an advantage’ on the job description. That said, a little bit of snow wouldn’t stop him going on his rounds, so that may hinder his chances.

We’ve already found a couple of our little postman’s favourite ‘addresses’. These include our shoes, the washing basket and a small drink holder on the front of his trike. I’m sure there are plenty more little stashes yet to be discovered.

Thank goodness we now have a lock on the toilet seat and don’t own a VCR anymore…


  1. DaddyNatal

    I remember when that started, the real problem came when they could start opening the dvd cases. To find the PS3 suddenly wasn’t working, to then have to open and remove not 1 or 2 dvds wedged in but 6!

    Enjoy the perpetual game of hunt the posted item, and when questioning said child the stock answer with shrug of shoulders “dont know!”

  2. John C

    Back when we first had kids, we had a (fairly cheap) surround sound system. After a while we noticed an annoying hum coming from the sub woofer. Inspection revealed several Matchbox cars, sweet wrappers, missing bits of Polly Pocket toys…

    We don’t have a surround sound system now.

  3. Guy

    my piper used to enjoy posting. the most common letterbox was shoes. Charlie just posts everything in his mouth.

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