Ten things you don’t know about me

This drawing of me as a germ is one of ten things you don't know about me.

I was kindly tagged by Blending Time the other day in one of those Twitter/blog trends that I believe are known as ‘memes’. My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to divulge ten things you don’t know about me. So, being the kind to pick up this kind of gauntlet with relatively hasty abandon, here are said factoids.

Disclaimer: if you already know me, you probably already know some of these. Sorry.

  1. I can speak semi-fluent French and German although I once managed to take the wrong train near the border between the two countries and, in my panic, completely forgot how to speak both.
  2. I got into TFI Friday for free once as a guest of a band. Nobody I have spoken to about it since, however, has heard of them. Did I imagine the whole thing?
  3. I fell off my chair during a meeting with my whole department at work yesterday. I felt a little foolish.
  4. I had a wisdom tooth taken out in hospital on 09/09/09 – surely a date destined for all things medical.
  5. I like to Chase Dylan around the house while waving a towel at him. He likes this too.
  6. My friend Eat, Sleep, Sniff – who designed the fantastic header of this blog, by the way – recently drew a picture of me as a bacteria for some reason. Thanks mate!
  7. I have an unusual middle name that I shan’t share here, lest someone naughty tries to steal my identity.
  8. I have never been interested in cars and haven’t even had a driving lesson.
  9. Kate and I are among the contributing authors of a book about some of history’s most evil people.
  10. I’ve had two separate white van men – one in London, one in York – shout the same obscenity at me while I was on work trips and doing nothing to provoke such verbal attacks. Gits.

So, now for my victims who, hopefully, haven’t been tagged already. I would like to see 10 facts each from:

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Eat, Sleep, Sniff Ha! Revenge is mine!


  1. Franski

    I think it is a matter of opinion as to whether you deserved the white van man comments. You were being a tad attention seeking both times.

  2. Tom Briggs

    Hi Rebecca, I was wondering if anyone would ask! The band in question was Puressence. Nobody seems to remember them, but I’ve just googled them and they’re still going strong!

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