The geek will inherit the earth

Kate and I often talk about what we think Dylan will be like when he reaches that horrible phase that is being a teenager. Well if my influence this week is anything to go by, there’s a good chance he’ll be a bit of a geek.

I started the week by getting more excited than the average sane person would about getting on Google+. So far it has lived up to my dorky expectations. At long last I have a web 2.0 platform that allows me to organise friends, family and contacts into groups or ‘circles’ as they are known.

Oh yes, I now have the option of classifying people as ‘Folks I don’t know as such or indeed talk to, but like the funny things they say on Twitter’. I’m happy with that.

Then, on Thursday, I was lucky enough to visit Facebook’s London HQ. This sounds like pretty cushy work and I suppose it is. Part of my job is using social media sites to promote the charity I work for, so a couple of us went along to meet its charity representative. My colleague, Amy, and I were both very smug when we were told that we were using Facebook effectively. Boom!

As if this wasn’t already enough for the week, I then spent Friday on an SEO course. There, I learned lots of nifty little tricks to improve my chances of getting the charity – okay, okay and Diary of the Dad – higher in the Google rankings. In short, I’ve had a delightfully nerdy week and have been like a pig in proverbial.

If you also consider the fact that I found buying the new URL for Diary of the Dad – oh yes, we’re now at don’t you know? – an enjoyable and educational experience, there’s some pretty damning evidence that I’m a closet geek.

I’ve even got a Pac-Man T-shirt. And one particular friend with whom I always end up talking nostalgically about crap video games of yesteryear. I’ve got form from the past too. I got called a boff at secondary school. If that’s what you call an average student who doesn’t swear at teachers then I’m guilty as charged.

So what of Dylan? The odd sign certainly makes itself apparent. He’s got to a stage where he’s happy to play by himself now and then, for example. And when he does, he ignores all his noisy toys and happily sits down with his books!

Well you know what? I’ll be happy if he takes after our nerdy tendencies – Kate is a self-confessed dork too. Be it getting lost in books, video games or complicated web jargon. After all, they say the geek will inherit the earth…


  1. Chuckalicious

    Now that is cool – Facebook HQ eh? Did you confess to liking Google+? Did they kick you out arse first? 🙂

    I am a geek too – software developer and web developer, plus all sorts of home media stuff.

    If you’re looking for any advice or want to pass on something cool – give me a shout.

  2. Tom Briggs

    No, I kept my Google love to myself! Cheers for that – I know where to find you for any future geeky projects. 🙂

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