Game Boy

An Xbox 360 controller.

As he continues to edge ever closer to walking and talking, Dylan has shown signs recently of interest in another activity that I’m also very excited about – video games. Yes, he seems to have worked out how to switch on the Xbox. I’m so proud!

Whether or not this has anything to do with shiny bit on the controller in which he can see his face looking back at him is open to debate, but he’s definitely cottoned on to the fact that pressing it switches on the console. Clever boy!

Once it has powered up, my avatar is there on the screen to greet him. This isn’t a very blokey thing to say, but how cute is this? He waves at it! While it will be a little while before he’s inevitably trouncing me at FIFA, I simply wouldn’t be being true to myself if I didn’t compare him to a few of gaming’s finest. So here are the things our ‘Game Boy’ has been up to.

Starting with one that is still quite new, there are some definite parallels with Detective Phelps in L.A. Noire. For the benefit of anyone who doesn’t know this game, you play the part of said Detective in post-war L.A.

When investigating crime scenes, you can pick up objects and examine them by using the controller to make Phelps’ move them around in his hand. This is exactly what Dylan does with anything he encounters on his numerous journeys across the carpet. If his first words turn out to be something along the line of “Hmm, circumstantial” I’ll know he’s somehow managed to progress beyond switching the machine on.

The other similarity comes in the form of Dylan’s steering when he’s using his walker. Great game though it is, controlling vehicles on L.A. Noire is a nightmare. Chaos ensues when laddo enthusiastically charges across the living room to his next ‘mission’. This is usually to get the peg basket off the table and examine each and every peg Phelps-style before discarding them on the floor.

The way he careers around the house is not dissimilar to that of a number of video game characters. He also does passable impressions of Mario Kart’s Diddy Kong – a little monkey, need I say more? – and Pac-Man. If either Kate or I drop crumbs on the carpet, he’ll follow the trail, devouring them all.

He also thinks that he can climb anything and everything with ease. Much like the main protagonists in Assassin’s Creed. Anyone would think that games imitate life rather than the other way round – now there’s a daft notion!

Dylan got a rocking horse for his birthday and already owns some bibs that are like the cravats cowboys wore. I now have the difficult task of resisting the temptation to dress him up as something out of Red Dead Redemption. Now that’s got to be worth a few gamer points…


  1. brinabird

    At 4 and 1/2 months we already appear to have a grand prix fan here and my husband is very excited!

  2. Ed@HomeDad

    My wife was thrilled when I got rid of my Xbox before my daughter was born. Four and a half years latter it has made it return. Surprisingly everyone is enjoying it’s return. From my wife dancing with my daughter to get a high score on the Xbox Kinect or me just be able to share my enjoyment of video games it’s been fun. It sounds like you both are having a grand time and it should only get more fun as time goes on.

  3. Mammy Dolittle

    What is it about Dads, their sons and Xboxs? My son discovered the Xbox at a very young age and his Daddy was nearly as proud as the day he scored his first goal!

  4. motherporridge

    oh dear it’s a slippery slope. 4yo is already all over my Iphone games (hungry shark and earthworm jim are favourites) and the moshi monsters website. He has started asking for a ‘proper puter, like cousin Jack has’ – at the moment I’m denying all knowledge but it’s only a matter of time before the letters D and S slip into his lexicon and onto the Xmas list…sure OH will be asking for an Xbox too before too long!

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