Unfinished monkey business

Clint Eastwood’s right-turn-loving chum Clyde, Daktari’s Judy and the piano-shifting stars of the old PG tips adverts. To these names must be added that of Dylan whose continuing development seems to witness me comparing him to something new every week.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, this time I’m going to frivolously liken him to our primate cousins. I’ve been referring to him as a little monkey for the majority of the last year, but I feel that his latest efforts have made the topic worthy of a post of its own.

First of all is the ape-like way he ambles around the house; he’s halfway between walking and crawling now, giving him an awkward gait highly reminiscent of that of a chimp as he searches his territory for things to climb. This effect is only enhanced by the excitable vocals he loudly emits as he lumbers towards Kate or me.

Then there is the subsequent climbing. He has unwittingly recreated a couple of iconic scenes from King Kong recently. The way he rattles the bars of the safety gates while stood up against them reminds me of Skull Island’s finest while he’s in captivity.

Meanwhile his scaling of the sofa, a fine surrogate Empire State Building I’m sure you’ll agree, with a helpless toy in his hand – which was a monkey, ironically enough; holy role reversal Batman! – was also a fine act of homage. It almost goes without saying that he possesses the same destructive force as Kong.

He also, of course, likes bananas and still has relatively prehensile feet. Thankfully, though, he has yet to discover the joy of throwing his own faecal matter at others.

It remains to be seen whether he’ll turn out like Curious George, Bubbles – let’s hope not though, eh? – or Gerald the talking gorilla of Not the Nine O’Clock News fame. But we definitely have a mischievous force of nature on our hands. We’ll be celebrating his first birthday in a few days’ time; I think I’ll put money on it descending into a chimps’ tea party…


  1. geekymummy.com

    Ha ha, brilliantly put. Sounds just like my little boy six months ago though the climbing part has gotten worse – sometimes I think he’s more like spiderman.

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