Day of the Dad

So here it is, my first Father’s Day – or ‘Day of the Dad’ if you will. I have to say I’m liking it so far. Dylan’s first ‘gift’ to me today was a wake up call at quarter past five because he needed his nappy changing. Funny that he picked today of all days. He hasn’t woken up that early for a while. However, he has since atoned by going back to sleep and allowing me the supreme luxury of a lie-in until 8am.

That was previously unheard of since his arrival almost a year ago, so it was very welcome indeed. Good boy! I then got my presents. He’d gone online and ordered me the latest Foo Fighters album that I’ve wanted for ages and a personalised mug with lots of pictures of him and me on it too.

Amazing what 11-month-old babies can do these days. As I write this I’m swigging tea out of the mug while he’s dancing to the CD as if nobody’s watching. Good times!

My Dad has never been particularly bothered about Father’s Day. I still don’t fully understand why. He’s done a fantastic job and I’m not embarrassed to admit that he’s one of my heroes.

Despite being ridiculously talented – he’s trilingual, has a degree from Oxford University, an award from the French Embassy for his services to the language and was offered a trial for Coventry City back when they were a top-flight club – there’s absolutely no ego at all.

He always puts everybody else first. I don’t think I’d be able to claim as much if I’d achieved all that. My head has doubled in size from getting into the final of the MAD Blog Awards alone! He’s also our handyman on call and still plays five-a-side twice a week at the age of 61. What a legend!

I’ll stop in a moment before I make him feel too awkward reading this. Before I do, I’m going to say something clichéd, stomach-turning and almost certainly egotistical on my part. If I end up only half the hero to Dylan that my Dad continues to be to me then I’ll be doing well. I certainly hope that I will be. Okay, you can all go and vomit now.

So here’s to dads everywhere. I’m raising my favourite new mug to you all. Being someone’s Daddy is one of the best things I’ve ever done and Dylan is a hilarious little monkey without whom this blog would not exist.

I’ve had numerous jobs but being his Dad – and Kate’s husband too, of course – is the best by a million miles. If you’re a bloke who’s not a father yet, I heartily recommend it. Get thee to it and a year from now you could be writing something as nauseating as this.


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