The final countdown…

Today was fairly mediocre to begin with; I grudgingly got up, made myself vaguely presentable, made Dylan’s breakfast, had mine with Kate and trudged off to the station with my grumpy going-to-work face prominently on display. The train journey to work was uneventful, ditto the first couple of hours in the office. But then, from nowhere – well, Twitter, actually – came the news that has given me a permanent grin ever since; Diary of the Dad has been named among the finalists in the Best Baby Blog category of the MAD Blog Awards.

I couldn’t believe it and had to double check that there wasn’t someone else with the same name and blog title as me. Improbable, I know, but I never thought I’d make the final cut when I entered and hassled you good people into voting for me. There is some terrific talent out there and I’m flattered at being named among the relative few in the final.

Thank you very much to everyone who has voted for the blog and helped it get so far. Tired old cliché though this may be, being shortlisted alone is a great achievement and I’m happy enough with that. That said, I’d be lying if I said winning held no appeal, so if you want to vote for us – after all, there wouldn’t be a blog without Dylan and his antics – then you can either do so via the link below or the badge that I have proudly displayed to the right of this very post.

Thanks again everyone and, as before, normal Diary of the Dad blogging service will resume shortly.

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