Go baby, go baby go, don’t upset the rhythm

A newspaper cutting about a blog award.

I know someone who has been at the centre of a media storm of late. He’s not a footballer… yet, but he does have a surname that may or may not rhyme with that of a Premier League player who, let’s say, may have cropped up in the odd news headline recently.

Yes, I can exclusively reveal that it is Dylan. Thanks to Diary of the Dad getting shortlisted for the Best MAD Baby Blog award in the MAD Blog Awards – oh, have I mentioned that already? – laddo has been the subject of three appearances in the local media this week. Very exciting!

First came an interview on Sovereign FM in which I awkwardly stumbled through five minutes of simple questions – Dylan was unavailable for comment as he was having a nap. This was followed by newspaper articles in the Sussex Express and the Eastbourne Herald.

There have also been encouraging comments on Facebook, Twitter and from the nice chaps at Dadsnet too. Ok, so it’s not so much a media storm as a media drizzle, but we’re happy with it. I say ‘we’, but Dylan’s blissfully oblivious of his moderate local fame. Or is he? Ever since the stories were published he seems to have become a little bolder.

Take Friday, for example. We took him to the local Sure Start centre to join in a music and rhythm session for the first time. Everything was fine until the all-important musical element of the gathering started up.

For those who have never been to one of these, the parents and babies sit in a circle in the middle of a room and a bag of props is passed around. Each child picks one and everyone sings the song that it represents.

A spirited round of Baa Baa Black Sheep and a strange one about aliens getting bored of orbiting earth were enjoyed by all, but then it was time for Old Macdonald.

Dylan clearly thought he was too important for such things and proceeded to repeatedly and joyously shout everyone down. Kate and I were a little slow to intervene as we were both laughing so much! Oh well, he enjoyed himself and certainly made an impression. He has also decided that crawling is so last week and is climbing absolutely anything and anyone. More on that next time…

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