You don’t have to be MAD to blog here…

It’s time for a completely shameless, begging blog post from yours truly, dear reader. You see, the MAD Blog Awards 2011 are open to nominations. I’m hoping that the combination of Dylan’s antics and me writing about them can help us make the shortlist in Diary of the Dad’s debut year.

The awards celebrate British families and their blogs. There are 15 categories as well as the overall title of MAD Blogger of the Year. Picture me looking pleadingly at you while shuffling my feet awkwardly and you’ve got an accurate description of how I look right now. No, really. I am actually looking at my computer with a hopeful grin. Meanwhile, my feet are going into overdrive under my desk.

Any lovely people kind enough to nominate Diary of the Dad can do so at the following link. You only need to nominate for the overall title on the first page and any categories that you feel are relevant on the second. You can leave them blank if you don’t have a nomination to make. It will only take a couple of minutes at the very most.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this plea, normal blogging service will resume soon.

Please note: this is an ancient post so the voting link has been removed. But head over here to find out how I fared in the MAD Blog Awards 2011!

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