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Last Monday was a good day. Thanks to my shiny new smartphone, I was able to learn that Tottenham’s Gareth Bale had won the PFA Player of the Year Award on my way in to work and, with pleasing symmetry, that I had been given an award of my own on the magical mystery tour that I like to call the train journey home.

The nod in question is the Kreativ Blogger Award and was kindly bestowed by HerMelness Speaks… out who had some very kind words about my writing. In order to accept this gong, I need to follow three rules; to award 10 fellow bloggy types, inform them of this and then regale you with 10 facts about yours truly. I have to be honest and admit that I don’t entirely understand the protocol involved but it sounds fun enough so here goes. I nominate:

1) Bringing up Charlie by Tim Atkinson
A friendly, funny and interesting blog by a thoroughly bloody nice chap. He’s also very supportive of newbies like me and has made me feel welcome in the parent blogging community. Cheers, Tim!

2) Mommatwo by Elizabeth Locke
Another funny and engaging blog that I enjoy reading. Elizabeth’s observations will strike a chord with many a parent and, for me, also act as previews of what Dylan will get up to when he’s a toddler.

3) Back For Two Seconds by Rasoul Hudda
Not a parenting one, but the daddy of all video gaming blogs as far as I’m concerned! Rasoul is an irritatingly talented friend and colleague of mine and also drew the title image at the top of this very page.

4) Hailsham Arts Festival by Josie Tipler
I make no apology for choosing a second pre-blogging friend here. Josie is another member of the irritatingly talented brigade and has done a lot to introduce some culture into the town that I grew up in. If an arts festival can’t be deemed ‘Kreativ’, what can?

5) Bloggertropolis by Stephen Herrick-Blake
I have to admit that I only discovered this long-established blog very recently but have added it to my reading list. I like his style.

6) Freelance Mum by Jane Purcell
As a journalist/author and, of course, parent with aspirations of one day going permanently freelance myself and working from home, I’ll be following this blog with interest.

7) Dad’s the way to do it by Paul Williams
Paul juggles a freelance career in design with bringing up his son George and has found time to write a novel too. Well played Sir!

8) Hot Cross Mum by Hazel Gaynor
Another brilliant blog about being a parent. I particularly liked the recent post about the life cycle of blogs that used frogs as an analogy. I think mine is half ‘blogspawn’, half ‘blogpole’…

9) Fart and Culture by Alex Locke
A brand new blog that I like the look of. According to his Twitter profile, Alex hates the Daily Mail, Jeremy Clarkson and text speak so I think highly of him already. Plus his blog has ‘Fart’ in its name…

10) Files and Records by John Clayton
Another one that I discovered recently. What I like about John’s blog is that he covers a good variety of thought-provoking subjects; something that I haven’t been brave enough to try doing yet.

So now for the required 10 facts about me:

1) I was once nearly injured/killed by a goat falling out of a tree in Morocco.

2) I got into journalism because a cast member from the TV comedy-drama Roger Roger told me I’d be good at it.

3) I met my wife, Kate, on the work minibus. People seem to find this amusing.

4) I grew my hair long a couple of years ago and was told that it made me resemble a piece of broccoli. I cut it off again.

5) I can’t dance, but am pleased as this will help me to embarrass Dylan when he’s older.

6) I’ve had some strange jobs including working in a castle, supervising an exhibition in a shopping centre and removing dead badgers from country roads.

7) When I was four years old, I was out in the great outdoors on a family holiday when I had to answer a call of nature. With no other option available, my Dad wiped my bum with some French bread.

8) In spite of the above point, I have a good relationship with my Dad.

9) In spite of the point before last, I still eat French bread.

10) I have Hobbit feet.


  1. Tom Briggs

    Yes, brave sir knight, es geht mir gut. Of course I remember you – even though you don’t seem to reveal your true identity on your excellent blog! I feel, therefore, that I should help protect your anonymity, Neil. Bugger! Sorry.

  2. Tom Briggs

    No worries Steve!

    I imagine that, technically, there may be some virtual ‘land’ in the way of webspace available but not sure what the online equivalent of the former would be…

  3. Steve

    Thank you muchly for the award! Does it come with a baronetcy or some land? Just asking!

    I grew my hair long in my twenties. It made me look like Jesus.

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