Fancy that! Dylan’s first crush

Dylan is continuing to change at a rate of knots and there have been another couple of firsts this week. Okay, the first one is tenuous, but that’s not going to stop me writing about it; he seems to have developed his first crush! He’s been moody for the majority of the last seven days due to his top teeth pushing through. On some occasions, there has only been one thing that brings his tantrums to an abrupt end: the CBeebies bedtime story and, more specifically, the celebrity reading them this week. Yes, our nine-month-old son fancies Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud.

Without fail, every time she has appeared on the screen he has stopped mid wail and beamed at the telly before getting shy and burying his face in my shoulder and taking another coy glance at the new object of his affections. It’s equally relieving and concerning – anything that stops him crying is, of course, most welcome but what if he ends up liking Girls Aloud as a result?! I don’t think my ears could take it.

I used to have songs I like stuck in my head for ages, but now it’s either the theme tune to Waybuloo or one of the god-awful things from Baby TV – but that’s a rant for another time – these I can just about put up with, but manufactured chart music? No thank you! I think we’re going to have to put him on a strict Foo Fighters diet for a couple of weeks until the risk has passed.

The next new thing in Dylan’s life is that he is now in his own room. We meant to put him in there ages ago, but the skanky old window needed replacing and this has only recently been done. I write this, in fact, after his first night in there and, surprisingly, he slept pretty well. In spite of the fact that at present it’s half nursery, half fly tipping site, he had a good night’s sleep.

The poor little man can now probably relate to Stig of the Dump, but he seemed happy enough this morning – just in time to give Kate her Mother’s Day card and gift. His room is going to be lovely when the remaining clutter has been hastily shoved elsewhere and his pictures are up. And what will adorn his walls? Well, we haven’t ruled out pictures of his new crush for when he kicks off…


  1. Eddie

    Can’t blame him for the crush as she’s very appealing on the eye , but if it becomes a taste in music I feel sorry for you.

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