Dad’s the word

Very exciting news: Dylan sort of spoke his first word last week and, to my delight, it was “Dada”! A big moment, even though I know it wasn’t really directed at yours truly. I’d read ages ago that it was the sound that most babies tend to make first, so I tried to be pragmatic. However, I couldn’t help but get carried away with the belief that he was acknowledging me.

It’s all too easy to try and attribute meaning to the sounds he’s making. Try as we might, both Kate and I have fallen into the trap of trying to fathom what he’s banging on about. Speculating about his latest development then, if he wasn’t addressing me maybe he was referring to the strange, iconoclastic cultural movement that many believe inspired its surrealist counterpart?

He is, of course, a child genius so perhaps he was trying to engage me in a conversation about the merits of Dali’s work. An esteemed friend and colleague of mine also suggested that he was, in fact, speaking Russian and saying “Yes, yes.” Maybe he’s a pensive eastern European intellectual? Sounds equally feasible to me.

There are two remaining factors to take into account though. The first is that, over the last few weeks, I have done the predictable thing of repeatedly saying “Can you say Dada?” Without exception, this has been while feeding him his dinner. I know I’m probably clutching at straws here, but the first time he said it was while being fed. The other came in the form of what he said next. It was a monosyllabic offering that sounded very much like “git”. Maybe he was referring to me after all!


  1. Lol

    Unlike Sting’s ‘Di-Do-Do-Do, Dada, Da-Da’, it won’t be all he wants to say to you … dunno about Dali, though, Daddy, said Dylan.

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